On purpose

For the misinformed person about Trump’s policy on the border, separating children was a purposeful policy made by Trump. There are thousands more children separated than they originally admitted. There was no tracking system to follow the children; some are gone forever. And, seeking asylum is legal.

Our own children

Our justice system doesn’t refuse to arrest, prosecute and jail citizens when they break the law because they happen to have children. More than 20,000 children were placed in foster care in 2016 because of parent incarceration. People who cross the border illegally have committed a crime. There is a lot of blame to share. President Clinton, the aliens themselves and the courts and immigration policies created by the Obama administration.

In the soup

The country and Congress are in constant turmoil because of the behavior and decisions the erratic, poorly prepared, impulsive president has made. The constant conflict retards all effort at progress. It makes us weak as a nation.

Apples, abortions

The mean-spirited caller who was criticizing pro-lifers by equating children taken by their parents to our border, seeking to use them as pawns in their efforts to gain illegal entry to the U.S., to those infants who were and are being butchered on the abortionist table needs to learn the differences between apples and oranges.

Bad example

I hoped that 2019 would bring willingness to work with our president. We are not setting a good example for our youth with the continual bad-mouthing. He was voted in by the people.

Duck, duck, goose

I’m a forester and was working in the Paxinos area when I saw the first flock of geese heading north. So, maybe Punxsutawney Phil was right. We are going to have an early spring. Yahoo!

Moving monuments

I just wanted to let Frog know that the Stanley Coveleski monument is still on Market Street. It was only moved about 50 feet when it was moved. The Witmer memorial, though, was moved from Independence Street to Lincoln Street. Frog’s take: Thank you. My mistake.

All a ruse?

I see where that black actor reportedly fabricated the story about being attacked and had a rope put around his neck by two guys wearing MAGA hats. I’ll bet people will still come to his defense because he was traumatized as a kid or something. If a white person had done that, Al and Jessie would be screaming for their head.

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