Back in my day

I am a white woman who grew up in a segregated city in the 1950s. I heard what was said then. I studied black history. Black talent in sports, music and so many things were exploited and blacks could not even use the same bathrooms. But in the 30s things were even worse. Every time things get better, somehow, someone takes it back. We are all children of God, equal in his eyes. The only difference is the shades of our skin. The rest was through hatred — like an enemy country of war who is now our best friend — we must be mindful that this old battle happened and why it should stop.

A Bernie world

Bernie Sanders just gave an interview where he stated that he thinks the Boston Marathon Bomber should be allowed to vote, also sexual offenders. Please think on that for a minute. People who want to destroy this country would be allowed to vote in a Bernie Sanders’ world. People who rape women would be allowed to vote on women’s issues. Can you please open your eyes and clear your head from the rhetoric of these left-wing liberals and vote Republican. Joe’s take: Convicted felons have their voting rights restored two years after their supervised release is completed, so they can vote, though restrictions may apply to some ex-cons.

Fact based on Fox

Mr. Kort, facts show that Trump did not take the direction of his advisors. The actual investigative evidence revealed that, on numerous occasions, Trump gave orders to staff to obstruct the investigation, but the staff members did not do so in order to protect Trump. For instance, White House lawyer Don McGahn testified he was directed by Trump to get Mueller fired but refused. Trump supporters should actually read the Mueller report instead of basing their opinions on reporting from the Fox propaganda network.

Israeli menace

We need a strong leader who can stand up to the dangerous rouge countries that threaten us. One of the worst commits horrendous human rights violations, carries out political assassinations, threatens its neighbors, sends spies against us, interferes in our elections and government, has hundreds of undeclared nuclear weapons, and is ruled by fanatics. Yes, of course, I’m speaking of Israel. Unfortunately, our gutless president has been a complicit stooge for not only Israel, but for Russia and Saudi Arabia as well. He may talk tough, but his actions are anything but.

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