Antarcticans thawed

It is after 7 a.m. and I received my paper on this frigid morning. I just want to thank my Bunker Hill paperboy and all the paper people around Shamokin for delivery. This goes out to the mailmen, too. You are wonderful.

Pope in the pizza

To the “Fear monger” writer, the pope should clean up his own back yard, and the pope could invite all immigrants to live within his walls. I fear the Catholic Church.

Street cleaner

This is for the Ralpho Township snowplow committee and the municipal authority. You guys did a terrible job on this week’s snowstorm that froze up in Sunnyside. Don’t you know there is a lot of elderly people with medical conditions that live in that community? They pay their taxes the same as Elysburg, so get over to Sunnyside when it snows and clean the streets.

Fertile green

Don’t fall for Lt. Gov. Fettermans’s snake oil sales pitch on legalizing marijuana. Millions are spent to refine marijuana to be used for medical purposes, not recreational marijuana. The other ploy is legalizing the sale could mean new tax revenue for the state. I would not pay $10 a pack for marijuana cigarettes from the state. I would grow marijuana plants in my house or my back yard.

Devil’s lettuce

Gov. Wolf and his even more socialist Lt. Gov. Fetterman have started their attack on the decent people of Pennsylvania. They want to legalize pot or wacky weed. They also want to take your guns away. The worst thing is they want to make the abortion laws weaker.

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