Religious liberty

I own a business and belong to a religion that does not recognize Christianity. I wonder if Mr. Maresca would fight for my religious liberty if I posted a sign saying “No Christians Allowed.” Doubt it, since he is a radical Christian warrior by his own words.

Cruisin’ with D.T.

Anyone know who was the guest character in the rumble seat of the 1931 Ford Deluxe Roadster? Mr. Cesari said in his recent Letter to the Editor the person’s initials were D. T. Got my attention! Editor’s note: It was an old McDonald’s mannequin of Donald Trump.

Who’s telling the truth?

George Conway, the husband of Trump’s top aid Kelly Ann Conway, publicly stated that he thought that the evidence was “quite compelling” that Trump sexually mistreated multiple women. Twenty-two women have accused Trump of sexual misconduct. Witnessing all the lies of Trump in his alternate reality world for the last three years, who would you believe — the 22 women accusers or our serial liar president? Trump is unfit to be president.

Answer this

Each year before the primary and general elections, The News-Item performs an appreciated service to the communities by allowing the local candidates to publish their views on why they should be elected. Here’s a challenge for the Mount Carmel Area District School Board candidates: Please explain why or why not it’s necessary to have an over-abundance of administrators to run a district with a shrinking enrollment each year.

And then there was one

Mount Carmel High has declining enrollment, increasing staff, no tax base and a large portion of local and transient non-paying population. It doesn’t take a math major to see the end is near. Simple solution: Mount Carmel needs to merge with Shamokin. Use Shamokin for all high school and Mount Carmel for all elementary. Elected officials have to put their egos and pride to the side and do the fiscally responsible thing. It’s time you put the well-being of our students and residents first and not worry about what color the kids will be wearing on the field, court or track. It happened before and we all survived. Worry about the future, not the past. Possible name could be Lower Northumberland (LoNo) High School. Colors black and white. As for a name for the teams, maybe the 18 board members can get together and figure it out. One admin office, one school board, one super, two high school and elementary principals. Look at the money I just saved and I’m not even an elected official.

Scary disagreements

Why don’t you people start using your heads? The Klu Klux Klan was not founded by Democrats. It was organized by Confederate soldiers in 1825. Some people are so brainwashed they blame the Democrats for everything. Check your facts first before you make accusations. I never saw so much hatred spread like a disease. There was always disagreements between both parties, but never like this. So very scary. Joe’s take: The KKK was founded in 1865, in Pulaski, Tennessee, caller.

Above the law

I totally agree with Tuesday’s editorial criticizing a White House that feels it is above the law. Trump has, time and time again, shown his blatant disregard for the rule of law. Do you know what they call a president who is not held accountable to the long established laws of the United States of America? A dictator.

Enrollment numbers

To the person who wrote that enrollment is based on the amount of children in the community who are age-eligible to go to school. Enrollment is based on the number of students attending school.

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