Pay it forward in ’19

The Christmas presents have been opened so now it’s time to re-gift. In 2019, it could be a simple smile, a handshake, a pat on the back for a job well done, a helping hand for a person in need, holding the door for someone or simply carrying their package. Kindness, courtesy, encouragement, patience and love. Whoever coined the phrase “pay it forward” was wise way beyond their years. How revolutionary would it be to consider practicing these acts all year long.


Trump’s pick for Acting Defense Chief is the current Deputy Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan. He has experience and is very competent with budgets and business management; however, he has no experience in foreign relations, counter-terrorism, building alliances or military strategy. The Pentagon is not a business and our foreign policy and relationships with our allies should not be directed by someone who is “liked” by Trump and will simply advance his wishes.

Dems the word

Jan. 3 will mark the end of two years of Republican total control of the federal government. Two years in which the crazies controlling Congress refused to control the crazy in the White House. Two years in which the Republicans gave the rich giant tax breaks, exploded the deficit, destroyed Obamacare, damaged Americans faith in government and alienated our allies. Finally, there will be someone in Washington to make the Trump administration and the Republicans accountable.


Here’s a news flash to Walter Lutz and the rest of Kulpmont Borough Council. The West End is not a fire company; it’s a bar room. All firefighting activities and active equipment are run out of the old East End truck room. Just because you got away with donating $4,000 last year doesn’t mean you have to do it every year. The fact that three councilman are officers at the West End doesn’t give you the right to waste our taxpayers funds.

Top Frog

There is such a thing as the Liars Club of America, and, Frog, I heard you’re the president. Editor’s note: Don’t kill the messenger.

Beautiful tribute

What a beautiful tribute to the fallen firefighter. Thanks to all the firefighters.

Walled off

Since 1972, the government has built more than 3,000 miles of sound walls along our highways to protect nearby homeowners from traffic sounds. The government has spent more than $6 billion on them. If the government can spend $6 billion to protect homeowners from traffic noise, why can’t it spend $5 billion to protect our lives?

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