Tear it down

Doesn’t anybody in Kulpmont Council know anybody? They better get in contact with the government to get that mill tore down before somebody gets very injured, very badly. Them bricks are falling down; the place is a total wreck. Call the owner, see what he’s going to do, and if that don’t work, call the government. The federal government will help you; you’re going to have to have the federal government in anyway. That’s the only group that will have money to take that thing down. So wake up. Quit worrying about dog houses. Get on the ball.

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First the federal government won't help you with anything and the 3.5 trillion is considered free money because we the taxpayers will pay for it. That is what they mean when they say free.


They can use the money we saved by getting out of Afghanistan. And the lives we saved there are contributing members to our economy.

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