Rise and opine

Our draft-averting president is currently criticizing the CIA and SEAL Team 6 for not getting bin Laden sooner. I expect these people accomplish more in a day in the time it takes the president to do his hair and makeup.

Uh, the blight?

Mayor Bozza from Kulpmont seems to be in favor of wasting $100,000 or more on that building and spending thousands of dollars for parties for surf and turf for the sewer authority, and more money on an illegal bridge. But what everybody is concerned about is — where is the money for blight? That’s what everyone in Kulpmont is concerned with.

Bread for bread

Socialism: Waiting in line to get bread for free but they’ve run out long before you get to the head of the line. Capitalism: Buying eggs, meat, bread and milk because there is no shortage.

Split map

I’ll take the caller’s word that Dan Meuser campaigned here. I just wish the congressional alliance could have been more balanced. The Shamokin Area School District is in two districts. If they need help, who do they go to, Marino or Meuser?

Good people

I was calling to say thank you to the five Good Samaritans who stopped and helped me get my car out of the ditch during Thursday’s storm. It was much appreciated and shows us that there are some good people in the world.

Cat fight

To all the people on Facebook who belong to the Elysburg neighborhood watch: Please stop posting about the cats. This is supposed to be for suspicious activity, the bears, etc., not how many cats are being trapped. Start a cat watch because, honestly, it’s getting to be a little sickening.

It’s your fault

To all those bleeding hearts who want to let the caravan into our country — not all of the illegals are bad, but most of them are. When your children are hooked on drugs or your son or daughter are killed, remember, you’re the one who left them in.

No action

While campaigning for the midterms, Trump guaranteed a middle-class tax cut in November. He said he will stop birthright citizenship and made several other ridiculous promises. Trump cult members fell for Trump’s lies and marched to the polls to vote Republican. Guess what? The White House just said there will be no action on any of Trump’s election promises.

Support needed

For the caller promoting that we stop financial giving to our churches, the only one you will hurt are the faithful Catholics who attend Mass. No money and the churches will close. Our local priests are not part of the abuse. They are good, holy men and they need our support.


Your editorial today focused on solutions, not blame, is mighty lofty, if not ridiculous. This district has had a long history of bullying up to and including a lawsuit by a young woman. Do not make the Southern Columbia district sound responsible by using the word “proactive” in the same sentence with their school board. It took the courage of the few and a social media campaign to make this district wake up. Skip the spin editorials; please report the news.

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