Green be gone

Occasio-Cortez’s economic plan, “The New Green Deal,” will work in confiscating all the green from your wallet.

What’s wrong with this picture?

Frog, I’d like to know what’s wrong with this system down in Sunbury, the assistance office. These 20-some-year-old kids are sitting doing nothing, all day long, and there are jobs out there, and they’re collecting medical assistance and food stamps. Why don’t they get these people off their butts and get them working? You wonder why this area is the way it is.


Everyone paid the 1 percent Coal Township building permit fee for many years; no one complained until Sam Schiccatano and Rick Shoch made it an issue. If they’re successful, Coal Township taxpayers will pay an increase in taxes of approximately 5 mills. Sam Schiccatano, in my opinion, stabbed the people of the coal region in the back with this issue.

Operation Union

For Mr. Lutz: I’d like him to look into the sewer authority’s plan to join the union so they can keep all sewer workers secure.


Just want to send out a great big congratulations to Mount Carmel Area defensive end Michael Hood on being selected to WNEP’s Super Dream Team Defensive Player of the Year. It was very well deserved.

Real whopper

Those of us old enough, remember President Richard Nixon stating at a news conference: “I am not a crook.” That turned out to be a big lie. We just had a similar moment with President Trump when he responded to a question by stating: “I do not work for Russia.” We will soon find out that that Comrade Trump’s denial is also a big lie.

Nice things

Why in the name of all that is holy, is the Shamokin City Council and Mayor Brown giving away the site of the former Masonic building? Just for the one that is already downtown to relocate two blocks? Are you kidding me? So what do we get out of this deal? Another crappy Dollar Store and an empty building where the old Dollar General was. We have an opportunity to add something of value to downtown Shamokin. But this is what city hall chooses to do, and yet we wonder why we can’t have nice things.

Junk food

Our great president can use this government shutdown as a great opportunity to do away with all the liberal junk out there. The welfare, the food stamps, Social Security, Medicare and foreign subsidies all need to be eliminated to make this country great again.

Mass firing

The government has successfully demonstrated that there are several hundred thousand non-essential government employees. Fire them. Do whatever you want with the money. Fire all the non-essentials.


If Trump had no idea what Manafort was doing, what Popadapolus was doing, what Gates was doing and what his own family was doing during the campaign, how in the world is competent to run the government?

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