As far as your editorial about the 14th Amendment goes, plus the picture of the Hondurans and Mexicans waving their countries’ flag in our face, it sure as hell doesn’t sound like they are coming here for asylum. They want to bring their country here and take over ours. That is called an invasion. When our ancestors came here they wanted to be Americans. It’s time to change the 14th.

Vote for change

White nationalism promoted by the White House; multiple shootings, including a synagogue in Pittsburgh, because of animosity and resentment, especially “hate of Jews;” prominent Democrats sent bombs by a devotee and dedicated believer in Trump’s policies. Is this the United States the Republican Party wants? We cannot permit this. Vote for change.


Trump promised to spend $1.5 trillion to fix America’s roads, bridges and other crumbling infrastructure. Instead, he gave a $1.5 trillion tax cut to corporations and the rich. Infrastructure projects would create good-paying jobs, not the poverty wages we see now. Structural engineers tell us this country is falling apart, endangering Americans. The Republicans in Congress chose to pay off their rich donors with their tax cut rather than spend the money necessary to rebuild America.

Late in the game

Is Kulpmont Borough going to let Aqua PA start this water line replacement work this time of year? Aren’t the asphalt plants closed? Who should we send our car repair bills for tires and realignment, Aqua or borough hall?

I am the law

Trump didn’t get his military parade in Washington, D.C. He now wants to send 15,000 military personnel to “parade around our borders” to prevent an “invasion” of impoverished migrant workers, who could be dangerous or infected with disease. Thankfully, Pentagon officials told him no, this is not a duty for our soldiers. This is a responsibility of local law enforcement.

Check the stats

OK, so the AOAA had their day on Saturday. Let’s hear the stats on how much the town benefited. All I saw was four-wheelers riding up and down Independence Street and hanging out in the municipal parking lot revving engines. Somebody prove me wrong and I’ll digress. Frog’s take: Did you read our story in Sunday’s edition?

Piece of mind

Trump’s hate speech, Fox News and other Republican right-wing nuts firing up the TV and radio airwaves may suddenly push some to violence using homemade bombs or assault rifles. Their actions not only may kill or injure those attacked, it affects every American. This hateful speech threatens our peace of mind and the American way of life we have always know. It is time to send a message to Republicans on Election Day that America is better than this.

Not just the judge

Shame on Judge Jones? Yes, most definitely. But don’t excuse the D.A.’s office for dropping a string of charges on McElwee that included aggravated assault, also a felony, in exchange for a plea deal to only one criminal count. It goes to show how plea deals backfire, especially when a defendant has name recognition and a cast of political supporters.


I live on Academy Hill in Shamokin. I work Monday through Friday. I enjoy quiet weekends to relax. That quiet was rudely violated by a group of adolescent adults riding their loud toys through my neighborhood. This was done with the blessing of our City Council. I suggest any future events like this be routed by the homes of the mayor and council members.

Trumped up

The Republican Party has lost its right to govern. It once stood for a set of ideals like states rights, free trade, fiscal prudence, anti-deficit and standing up to dictators like Putin. The Republican Party no longer exists; it is now the Trump Party. Goodbye GOP.

Big winners

When Trump passed his budget-busting $1.4 trillion tax cut, he told us the average family would benefit. But the big winners were corporations and wealthy families racking in millions from their friend Donald’s tax cut. Guess who is going to ultimately repay the money borrowed for Trump’s trillion-dollar handout to the rich? You.

Move it

This is to the thieves stealing packages in Mount Carmel: The post office may not want to do anything and the police know about it, but we are sick of the lowlifes moving into town, so now our security cameras will catch you. Move on.

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