Unknown knows

The Apostle Paul said in the Book of Romans, “I know what I should do, but I don’t do it. I know what I should not do, but I do it anyway.” Doesn’t that remind you of the actions of the Democrats today?

Never changing

Scott Wagner promises he is going to get rid of school taxes. He is lying, just like all the other people I have listened to ever since I owned property. There is no way you are going to get rid of them.

Expert overflow

A call into Sound Off said Donald Trump was not the craziest person in the Oval Office; it’s Kanye West. So now we have a psychiatrist or psychologist calling in and making statements. Frog’s take: Why not? Everyone who calls into Sound Off is an expert.

Keep it up

Kenn Splitt calls Congressional office holders and senators “old white men.” You want to talk about racism? Then a caller says “the angry white men of the Trump cult.” And everybody is accusing the Republicans of being racist? Also, we do not have a functional democracy; we have a functioning constitutional republic. Keep writing, Kenn. We get a good laugh from you.

Enough material

Another commentary by Mr. Bomboy crowing about how bad the illegal immigrant children have it after being torn from their parents’ arms. As I understand it, another convoy coming up through Honduras is going to try to get into our country illegally. This is going to give you enough excuses to write about for the next month.

Pope in the pizza

This is in response to Sunday’s paper “Clean house” concerning Pope Francis’ comments on the cardinal. It is the best call that was ever called into Sound Off. It sums up everything going on with the Catholic church. They need to clean house, and the Pope is making everything worse.

One day

I think it is great with all these restaurants opening in Shamokin. Hopefully, within the next 10 years, we might see some work and then maybe I can afford to go to these restaurants.


Kudos to the Tamaqua Area School Board for initiating a program to arm teachers. Finally, some commonsense measures to protect our students. Gun-free zones just don’t work.


A family that does meth together stays together. In prison, that is.

Insult to injury

Trump just called Stormy Daniels “horse face” in a tweet that reached millions of Americans. I am sure Trump did not call Daniels names when he had an adulterous affair with her. No man, for any reason, should publicly call a woman such a horrible name. Much worse is that this disgusting insult came from the president of the United States. Trump has once again dishonored the office of the president.

Here comes the sky

According to meteorologist Joe Versartes, statistics prove the past 50 years, 1968 to 2018, had 37 percent fewer hurricanes than the previous 50-year period, 1918 to 1968. These are the facts. I wish you global warming people would get your facts straight and stop parroting the liberal media. Editor’s take: So you believe this expert but not the hundreds of others?

Blessed be

God’s blessing be upon Malik Jackson of “Malik’s Gifts” for airlifting 100 cats and kittens out of the ravaged hurricane area of Florida and transporting them to a safe place. Thank God for all animal lovers for going the extra mile to help them.

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