Trump is worse

You are correct Joe, Bill Clinton did lie in a deposition. Unlike Trump, President Clinton believes in the rule of law and agreed to personally testify. Special Investigator Ken Starr made public all documents in the Clinton investigation, while Trump was trying to prevent the release of the Mueller investigation documents. By the way, the four-year Starr investigation made no indictments but did expose a very inappropriate affair by Clinton. By comparison, the two-year Mueller investigation proved a Russian government attack on our democracy, 140 contacts between the Trump campaign and Russians and resulted in 37 criminal indictments. It also exposed at least 10 actions by Trump to obstruct justice.

Fence high

I’d like to know who’s responsible in Coal Township for cutting the grass of the burned out homes that have been demolished and are owned by the township? We have one in our neighborhood that is high as the fence right now, and before their ticketing everybody else they should be taking care of their own. Just wondering who is responsible for it.

War on babies

Sorry, Gov. Wolf, reproductive freedom is not under assault. A woman has many options to use as contraceptives as she decides not to become pregnant. It’s irresponsibility that results in pregnancy. No one has a right to justify the destruction of an innocent human life. Abortion is not a means of birth control. If a pregnant woman is murdered, under law, why is it a double homicide? Can anyone explain that?

The rapist’s kid

This is to all those religious people, who think that there should be no abortion. Well, if a girl is raped in town and has the rapist’s baby, let me ask you personally, are you willing to open your wallet and pay for the kid all the way up until college. No, most of you won’t give a nickel to that. Joe’s take: Well, I guess that why most people pay taxes. We pay for society’s woes even if we don’t want to.

Sowing votes

To the caller who complained about farmers taking a government handout. People who opt out of government handouts ought to get a big reduction in their taxes. You can’t have it both ways. Government doesn’t buy votes with their own money, you know!

Paying the price

I’m not in favor of the trade war, but I wanted to correct a caller. The tariffs do not amount to a $200 billion tax. The tariffs are a tax on $200 billion worth of imported goods. A 25% tax on $200 billion comes to $50 billion — until the retaliations. I agree with the caller’s premise, however. The cost of this war will be paid by China about as much as Mexico is paying for the border wall. It appears that the Republicans are just as susceptible to believe in free stuff due to the magic of government intervention as the Democrats. At least tariffs do not bankrupt our great-grandchildren like the rest of the “free stuff” from government will.

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