Old golfing injury

Poor Donald. He had to telephone Thanksgiving greetings to our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan from his gold resort instead of traveling to the combat zone like other presidents have done. Trump’s old bone spurs must have been acting up — the same bone spurs that helped him dodge the draft and kept him out of the Vietnam War.


I watched some of the Southern-York Catholic game. You’ve really got to give the refs some credit for being out there in that weather, too.

Fireworks tradition

When I was a child I remember watching fireworks off the coal bank, and I’m 86 now, so this would have been in the late 1930s. It goes back before the 1960s like you guys said. They also had land fireworks and had ones that looked like Niagara Falls, and at the end, the American flag. Editor’s take: Thanks for the information.

Shame, shame

Two teachers could be hired for what they’re going to pay extra to Zack. Shame, shame on the school board — again.

Disinfect your facts

So you admit a private email server is illegal for official use? Just wait ’till you find out that Ivanka used “bleachbit” to delete 30,000 emails before submitting to an investigation. Oh, wait — that was Hillary, after being trained better for a decade as the first lady. Ivanka was hiding nothing. You’ll have to take your partisan “my team” rant elsewhere.

Same difference

Robert Bomboy doesn’t know the difference between the pledge to the flag, which was written by an avowed socialist in a ploy to sell flags to American schools, from the Irving Berlin song “God Bless America,” which pushes back at the rise of authoritarianism in late 1930s Germany. Bomboy’s 30 years of “teaching” such “balance” is literally what is destroying America.

Handle with care

A U.S. government agency, which Trump oversees, issued a report on climate change. The report unequivocally states that climate change is due to an increase in greenhouse gases caused by humans. It warns that continued use of fossil fuels will severely hurt our economy and kill thousands. Trump and the Republicans continue to call climate change a hoax; they are complicit in destroying our planet.

Money problems

I was just looking at the Shamokin Area education homepage on the internet and I see where they are seeking donations to enhance programs such as the science lab, auditorium, music suite, wellness and athletic center, and asking people if they want to donate. That is wonderful, but what could they do with $60,000-some they are giving Mr. Zack to stay longer?

Foot the bill

The archdiocese has set aside $25 million for abuse victims. I wonder where all that money came from? I feel parishioners will be footing the bill.

Die laughing

Everyone is going to die unless we give all our rights to an oppressive, communist government.

Over and over

I was just thinking about how well the United States has been doing the past year and a half. Unemployment is way down, employment figures are way up, in particular for minorities. Our enemies fear us and we are doing quite well, and yet I read an article by Mr. Bomboy and all he is saying is that Trump has done everything he could do to destroy the United States.

Sick and tired

Get rid of far-left radical Bomboy or we older people, the lifeblood of this paper, will get a petition to stop buying it. We are sick, sick, sick of his hatred for our government.

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