Youth of a nation

The program 60 Minutes highlighted a lawsuit brought by the young people of America against the government because of their neglect of tackling the problems of climate change. Their lawsuit uses the government’s own statistics about the risk that the warming planet is causing. The suit has already survived four court challenges. The kids know they will be the most affected if we continue to do nothing.

Hare-brained ID

Whose hare-brained idea was this Real ID business? And then to charge a fee on top of it. There is something wrong in the brains of these politicians to come up with such a moronic idea. Please, someone, give these people some kind of intelligence test before allowing them to run for office.

Big love

President Trump says he trusts his boyfriend, Kim Jong Un. While Trump and this murderous dictator hold hands and send love letters to each other, North Korea continues its nuclear program. Iran is another story. Iran entered into a treaty and stopped their nuclear program, yet Trump broke this treaty, continually criticizes Iran, makes false statements that Iran did not follow the treaty and even threatens war. Trump compliments North Korea, a country with nuclear bombs and an aggressive nuclear program and threatens another country, Iran, who has halted their nuclear program. It makes no sense, but then not much of what Commander Crazy says or does make sense.

Assistant editor: Though I don’t agree Trump should be kissing up to Kim, don’t think for a moment Iran is necessarily telling the truth about their own nuclear program. Remember, to the Iranian government, the U.S. is still the “Great Satan.”

Create the need

The House Judiciary Committee seems to have adopted a policy of, “If you can’t find anything on the president that is even vaguely illegal or impeachable, then create something.” They don’t realize that, if they keep firing at dubious targets and missing, they are strengthening Trump’s chances for a second term. If the chairman of that committee was not a boorish, career politician, he would likely be a small-town lawyer, handling mortgage closings and Last Will and Testament settlements.


Apparently, some people are still questioning Obama’s birthplace. So that this situation never happens again, when anyone announces their intention to run for president they must produce a copy of their birth certificate to the RNC, DNC and the press. Problem solved.

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