Fake Fox

Fox News promoted a TV segment about Trump’s “surging” approval rating. Fox reported that Trump’s overall approval rating rose to 55%, which was fake news. It was Trump’s unfavorable rating that was 55%, his approval rating was only 43%. Fox, portraying the network as responsible and accurate news agency, is about as real as the Easter bunny.

Through the ranks

I just read that Chris Venna is taking a leave of absence from the school district. How will the school even function? I imagine that Jim Zack will be busy doing PIAA work, so he won’t be able to help. It will take a valiant and selfless leader to emerge from the trenches and take charge. Maybe Bob Getchy? Perhaps they should hire an interim superintendent in the meantime? That would be tax dollars well-spent.

White trash world

Not all out-of-towners are trash. The people complaining the loudest about foreign trash are the white trash who have been turning our town into a ghetto long before the city people got here. They may have a job, but their loud, redneck, junker bikes, trucks and ATVs are just as bad for property values as anything else. They planted the seeds, now they should enjoy their crop.

Keyboard warrior

People in this area have so much to complain about, especially anonymously on Sound Off. Here’s a tip: Instead of wasting your time being a keyboard warrior, get involved in your community and local government. Make a change for the better. As for the people who move into our area for cheap housing, so what? I see people who have lived here all their lives that are continually in the police blotter. Murders, rapists, drug dealers, etc. Homegrown born and raised here. On top of that, as soon as something happens that involves someone not from here they get a front page article. As for whites, you may not even make the blotter. I’m ashamed to say I’m from the area, knowing it’s overflowing with hate. Lastly, no wonder no young people stick around here; my generation doesn’t have the tolerance for racism and bigotry. Have fun with the bottom of the barrel who do stick around. A+ for our area when it comes to ignorance! Joe’s take: After all that writing, how ever will you have time to get involved in the community?

Truth seeker

I am the exact opposite regarding that recent Shamokin incident. We’re all tired of rereading the same story day after day. Why not print the truth? Two transient welfare queens enjoying the benefits of Obama’s socialism decided to stab each other. Let them. Joe’s take: We did print the truth. Crime is crime. We didn’t ask about their employment status or political affiliation.

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