Be prepared

I worked for the state in the 1990s during the one budget impasse. We went six pay periods without pay. Twelve weeks. Nobody had food drives for us. Nobody cared about us. They said don’t worry about it, you’ll get paid when you get paid. The federal employees that are out without pay should have prepared for this situation. Editor’s take: So you’re saying we should not care, just like when you were not paid? Is the average worker “prepared” to go a month or more without a paycheck?

Real world

Now they’re considering a four-day work week? Right now they get extensive time off at Christmas and New Years, spring breaks and work only 180 days a year, plus a shorter and shorter school day. And they also demand more and money — plus snow days. Enough already. Just get rid of these public schools and create charter schools that run from 9 a.m. till 5:30 p.m. and make the school calendar at least 250 days a year. Then students wouldn’t have such total shock when they enter the “real “ world and find out how real people work.


Vinny Clausi is running for commissioner again. He should know that we haven’t forgotten his last stint that was a huge expensive embarrassment, especially the wasteland he bought in Sunbury that cost us $2 million and can never be used for anything.

Gnashing of teeth

The crying and whining right-wing Republicans are shouting the Democrats are impeding and halting the president’s agenda by using their power to stop Trump’s plans, programs, appointments, etc. They certainly have a short memory and have forgotten how they used their power and refused entertaining and voting on Obama’s selection of Merrick Garland for Supreme Court Justice.

Extra cost

I read the Scicchitano and Klebon candidate announcement in which they talked about the new county prison. What they did not tell you is that, by locating the prison in Coal Township rather than Sunbury, the county will be paying an additional $1 million a year to transport prisoners from Coal Township to court in Sunbury. That is an extra $1 million each and every year that will have to be paid by the taxpayers.

Needy workers

Thank you to Manna for Many for realizing the working class is also needy. Hopefully, all people receiving free food need to show proper ID.

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This is in response to be prepared. I also was a part of the state employees that were not paid. Not that you should not have sympathy for the federal employees but... We as employees didn't get any. Nobody gave a hoot. I personally heard rumors of a shut down and that was all it took to put me in emergency mode. I prepared and I knew it could happen. When you sign up for a government position you have to know it can happen. They will eventually get their pay and be better prepared for the next time.


I agree with """ be prepared """ I also was there for that no pay & did just fine ….. Maybe you should save a little just in case instead of """ living for today """ !!!!

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