Another hotel site

The old site of Boylan’s service station at Routes 901 and 54, near Locust Gap, could be a potential option. It is adjacent to AOAA (direct access to the trails a possibility). It would be easy access for Knoebels customers. There’s more than enough room for parking and future expansion.

Who are we to judge

The governor argues that expanding the tax credits for students to attend non-public schools, including ones in failing public districts, could benefit people who have the means to attend private schools. The argument the governor makes doesn’t add up especially with the good done through the free school lunch program. Couldn’t that as well support students who have the means to pay for lunch? Why would someone begrudge a child educational access and/or food? Who are our politicians to judge?

Where are the police

Are there no cops employed in Coal Township? There is a tan SUV parked on Maple Street, a block up from No’strovia, with an inspection sticker that expired in March. Get this vehicle ticketed and off the street.

The surplus

With the commonwealth having a surplus this year, how hard is it for our legislators to understand they need to pay off our debts rather than spend it on some stupid project? I know they ain’t that smart, but any fool knows that when you’re in debt and you have a few extra shekels, you need to pay off the debt you owe to improve your credit standing in the financial world. So just transfer the surplus to the debt and don’t think of spending it on some foolishness.

Corporate interests

Trump pretends to be a friend of the working man; meanwhile, he has been systematically destroying employee rights and the workers’ protections against corporate abuses. Last year, average CEO pay increased $800,000 to a median income of $12 million while workers’ wages, after inflation, remain stagnant. The so-called workers’ champion is out every day supporting big corporate profits. On everything from overtime pay and workplace safety to the right to form a union, Trump has sided with corporate interests over workers, essentially saying to workers, “Thanks for your vote, chump, now you are on your own.”

Faulty memory

Nicole Faraguna states, “In a truly free-market society, there is no place for my brother.” Yet name one hospital that wasn’t started in the “robber baron” period. Name one hospital that was started since the government began “taking care of everyone.” Government got involved, and now hospitals are established goliaths devouring every competitor, and every dollar, they cross paths with. The world works in a way that is exactly the opposite of her claim.


After watching how Trump masterfully set up the Democrats and outwitted their media lackey, Stephanopoulos, you would think Pelosi and Schumer would have realized how embarrassingly they were exposed, and kept quiet. Nope, not those two. Quick, call a press conference and accuse Trump of doing something that never happened, just like the faux collusion fairy tale. Not a single Democrat was outraged by Hillary Clinton and their own party for illegally paying millions of campaign funds to foreign agents to fabricate lies about Trump, but they have the audacity to accuse Trump of treason for his response to a hypothetical scenario that never happened.

It’s a struggle

Trump promised to drain the swamp of Washington lobbyists. Instead, he has put them in charge of our government. Under Trump and his swamp creatures, the deficit has exploded and Trump policies have lined the pockets of the wealthy while ordinary Americans continue to struggle to feed their families and provide them with adequate health care.

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