Frustrated Phils fan

Last year, the Phillies were in first place and blew it. They gave the manager another chance. This year, they’re in first place and they lose seven in a row. I guess they’ll let him go again. Gabe has to go. Your name is Gabe, not Babe. Get him out of there.

Public salaries

As a concerned taxpayer and senior citizen, I feel the salaries of all the employees of the Mount Carmel Area School District should be published in the paper or online to justify the increase in taxes and to also account for the future money from the state budget.

Bomboy bad

I just got done reading Mr. Bomboy’s article in the Sunday News-Item. I only read part of it because the guy riles me up with his pure and open hatred for President Trump that I can’t usually finish his articles. In part of it, he said Trump himself has made many millions during his time as president. He made a profit of $35 million from his real estate sales and last month he made a $6.5 million profit on selling a Beverly Hills mansion that Trump bought in 2007. So he made a lot of profit, what do you care how much money he made on the side while he was president? My second question is this: How much of his presidential salary does he donate to various charities, military organizations, et cetera? My take: 100%.

New restaurant

The new Chinese restaurant across from Walmart has excellent food. I went there today and just got takeout and everything was great. They even have clams on the half shell, steamed.

Above the law

There’s supposed to be a burning ordinance in Coal Township, but a certain person in Springfield has friends in high places, so he gets away with it.

No politics at cruise

I am from out of town and I came to see the Kulpmont Cruise. The person who runs the show has a big Trump sign on his car. I came to see a car show, not a political show. I will never come again.

Debt piling up

We now have 25 Democrats who want to be president. None of them, or our current president, are talking about the biggest threat to the country, and that is our $22 trillion national debt. This debt will bring us down long before Russia, China or Iran do.

What about us?

I wish they’d put a marijuana store in Kulpmont.

Gas prices not fair

I drove all around Sunday in Sunbury, Bloomsburg, Danville and all the gas stations are $2.83, $2.81, but Elysburg is $2.95 and they refuse to go down. As far as I’m concerned, it’s gouging the customer and I’m sounding off about it.

Good job, Kulpmont

I think the Kulpmont Police Department and the mayor are doing a fantastic job in the borough. As far as Mayor Bozza and the Christmas decorating contest with the Kulpmont100, they did a super job on that. It’s always good to see a good organization doing things for the borough. I hope the mayor and the Kulpmont100 do it again this year. It went over very well and it was a good idea.

Where are the signs?

Kulpmont Borough Council: Please tell me why they won’t put the pedestrian signs up that they got approved for. Someone please tell me why they’re not for the safety of our residents.

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