Head case

The leadership in Washington is filled with chump heads, lunkheads, and blockheads; include an occasional dolt or an oaf and a goof or a fool. However, there are some huge heads in different departments but they are boneheads, knuckleheads, beef heads and hard heads who are reporting to a hare-brained, numb skull jackass. How did this happen to the Republican party?

Behind the scenes

Trump’s leadership style of belittling and bullying is certainly responsible for the huge turnover of personnel with his administration. Unknown staff members have developed and directed presidential decisions without responsibility or oversight. It’s certainly no surprise that a “Senior White House Official” forwards an anonymous letter to the news media expressing what is occurring behind the scene.


Higher than expected job growth and wage gains in August signals economic strength. And who’s watch was that on?

Plan ahead

I read in the Sept. 10 edition of The News-Item that MCA class of 78 is having a reunion Sept. 22. I hope at that reunion they appoint a committee that can have a reunion more than every 20 years and lets classmates know more than 12 days before the reunion. Travel arrangements alone in less than 2 weeks notice, let alone work family and life obligations. Another reunion that I will not be at. Maybe it is planned for only certain classmates.

Red menace

Comrade Trump has attacked the Department of Justice for indicting two Republican congressmen. One of the congressmen was indicted for embezzling $250,000 and the other for insider trading. Trump wants the Justice Department to serve as a weapon to go after his political adversaries and protect his friends. Sounds like Trump wants to turn the Justice Department into the Russian KGB. Putin would be proud.

Keep off grass

Why do the Coal Township code officer and the police allow people to take over grass sidewalks and park their vehicles on them and work on them and chew them up? It’s a sidewalk whether it is cement or grass, they do not own it.

I, me, mine

He’s back. Obama refers to himself 102 times during a 64-minute speech. I, me, I, me, I, me. “I, me” had a horrendous economy.


Looks like Shamokin is heading to a dynasty, or should I say “Hynosty.” Looks like we have “Hyno’s Dyno” coming to town.

Be aware

You people that talk about slumlords, well, a landlord that owns property should look into who they are renting to. On Walnut Street in Coal Township, we have crazy people. They had to move out of the other house they were in. All of the neighbors are suffering from these crazy people. So, Coal Township police better get ready and be aware.


Who wants to bet the NYT op-ed is a Democrat and part of the resistance and can’t stand that Trump is for Americans and not illegals?

Bad music

We went to the Southern Columbia game (on Friday) at the high school and before the game started we sat down and we heard this weird music talking about a purge and killing people. I don’t think that should be played at a high school football game.

Close corner

If parking too close to a fire hydrant is illegal, why is it allowed at Bear Valley Avenue and Market street in Shamokin at the pizza place?

Should be reversed

Can someone please explain this to me. It’s the Mount Carmel Area Red Tornadoes. Why is their logo a white tornado in a red background? Shouldn’t it be reversed? I just don’t get it.

Money where your mouth is

Publicity seeking Kaepernick endorsed by Nike for a small fortune. For his comments to be believable, he should donate to the poor, homeless veterans or some other good cause. Whatever happened to put your money where your mouth is?

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Money where your mouth is - if you would do some research, you would find that he has been donating to various charities and has started camps for young people. He has been putting his money where his mouth is for a long time now.

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