Step down

The governor of Virginia and the other two guys should resign. They should step down for what they’ve done. That’s a disgrace. It’s sickening.

Part-time rate

Nice to see the governor wants to raise the minimum wage to $12 per hour. I’m sure it will help low-income families. But how will this affect the part-time employees? I don’t believe $12 will be for them.

Slap on the wrist

It’s back to business as usual at the Northumberland County Jail. We didn’t have this nonsense when our prisoners were at SCI because the state doesn’t put up with the nonsense. In Northumberland County, bad cancers are just allowed to multiply. She’ll get another slap on the wrist.

More ‘Fish on’

To add to “Fish on” regarding extra fees by the state government, all we have to do is vote another Democrat into office. All the Democrats know how to do is raise taxes and spend money. There have been so many increases in fees for everyone from inspection mechanics to the CEO of a business. Thank you, Gov. Wolf, and you fellow Democrats.

Vote in; shoot out

The masses can vote their way into socialism, but you always end up having to shoot your way out of it.

Tolerance meter

For all their talk about tolerance and co-existence, leftist Democrats are the embodiment of intolerance and hatred, especially when it comes to how they view and treat conservatives and Christians. Case in point was the recent Covington Catholic High School hoax.

Brother can you spare a dime?

America is a debtor nation and cannot support illegal aliens, education, health care, housing, anchor babies, food stamps, crimes against Americans, court and prison costs,. Politicians are clearly screwing over the country and the American people.

Cold cats

This message is for the terrible people who live on Sunbury Street and put two young, male, black cats out in the bitter, freezing weather last week. They kept crying to come in the house and the wouldn’t let them in. They pretended they didn’t own these cats. My friend and I took them in from the cold and kept them and paid out of our own pocket to take them to the SPCA. How horrible can people be to do something like that to poor, helpless animals?

Trump Party

In reference to the two-party system, I left the Dems when I started paying attention. The Repubs were definitely the better party, but they always kow-towed to the Dems. If President Trump would officially name his party, I believe he would have many followers. He used common sense and not political garbage.

Simply irresistible

Dear Frog, you are, of course, correct. We should not sink to the gutter by name calling. Hopefully, every Trump opponent will say something like, “That remark was unkind and uncalled for.” However, you must admit that Boris Badanov is really irresistible.

Wanna job?

While Trump implied that illegal Mexican immigrants were murderers, rapists and drug carriers, none of that stuff came from hiring them by the droves.

Race card buffoons

About hypocritical pro-lifers: Migrant children were separated at the border because of laws that existed in past presidencies, not at the order of Donald Trump. President Trump wants immigration reform. And what about children after birth? The parents have the primary responsibility for their protection. These migrant children are living and breathing, not being murdered by the choice of their mother — no comparison. Pro-lifers believe all children, no matter what sex, race or religion, are a gift from God. Don’t play the race card like a buffoon.

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