‘Grand Knight’

Mr. Splitt, and his constant letters to the editor, I want to know how a man who is supposed to be a Catholic and supposed to be so high up in the Knights of Columbus does nothing but mock, berate and belittle our fine president who is pro-life? How can you, Mr. Splitt, with any good conscious support these Democrats and their candidates, who are in favor of abortion, disguised under the name “reproductive rights.” Your constant criticisms of our president are unbelievable! Do you seriously think that Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden or some of these other radical Democrats would be good for our country or could do a better job? Do you support these so called “peaceful protesters” and the Democratic leaders who allow them to burn our cities, riot, loot, steal and spray paint graffiti on everything while trying to remove every single piece of history in our country? Is this the kind of leadership you want for our country where this type of behavior will flourish even more under a Democratic president. For someone that is supposed to be a “Grand Knight” in the Knights of Columbus, you sure spew a lot of hatred in your letters.

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