History repeats itself

I enjoy reading your Page 1 Rewind in the Sunday newspaper. In this week’s edition, there was a headline story from 1974 that said “IRS continuing fraud probe on Nixon’s taxes.” Forty-five years later we could insert “Congress continuing fraud probe on Trump’s taxes.” It’s very likely there are parallels between then and now.

Missed the point

Joe, this is for your “Outsiders” rebuttal. You said that you are from Trenton, Camden, Philly, OK. What the caller was saying was you’re here, you have a job, you don’t stab people, you don’t sell drugs and you don’t drive without a license and you pay your taxes and you don’t have government housing. That’s what the caller was talking about. Joe’s take: Yes, those points were there, but I read it a little differently.

Keep it short!

You people are allowing some people to spoil Sound Off. If people want a 6-inch column in Sound Off, let them write a letter to the editor and sign it. Don’t let them spoil it. Joe’s take: I agree, caller. I’ve heard that in the past calls were cut off at 30 seconds or so. Perhaps we’ll go back to that.


I’m wondering if the Democrats in Northumberland County remember that one of their candidates for county commissioner this year also ran four years ago for commissioner and lost in the primary. And shortly thereafter, endorsed the two Republican candidates running for commissioner.

Spot on

I read in Sound Off a couple times where people are saying the people from Philly and New York are coming here and being on welfare and starting trouble. Shamokin City is turning into a sanctuary city. Once it starts, it’s not going to stop. Nobody can stop it. Change the signs to sanctuary city. Joe’s take: Sanctuary from what, caller?


To the person who commented about the eight dogs killed in the fire on Water Street and only having one dog and that’s enough. Are you a neighbor? If not, mind your own business. Some people can take better care of eight dogs than you can take care of one child. It’s a shame you have to be so judgmental. You’re not in their shoes, so don’t try to walk in them.

Guns and abortion

I know you don’t like this and I know you won’t put it in the paper, but I’m going to call in anyhow. When I read Sound Off someone said they don’t believe in abortion. But I don’t hear them saying anything about gun control. Well, abortion, yes, I don’t believe in it either. But that’s a woman’s choice. She will answer to that on Judgment Day. How about gun control, the guns that are killing kids in school? Where’s the difference?


Donald Trump currently has no secretary of defense, no Secretary of the Air Force, no FEMA director, no Secretary of the Interior, no UN ambassador, no White House chief of staff, no White House communication director and no clue.

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This is in response to spot on. I totally get what your saying. And "Sanctuary City" may not be the proper terminology but it is not the proper terminology for the people coming thru our countries border. How many of them are truly seeking "sanctuary"? They're seeking handouts. You'll have to pardon Joe. He is from Jersey.

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