Get bent

If I were a policeman and I got a 911 call from Colin Kaepernick, I would politely tell him to call Nike.

Thirsty pooch

I saw a guy giving his brindle-colored dog a drink of bottled water outside the Turkey Hill. How very nice.

Big game

How proud you must be of your deer rack trophy from the road kill in Elysburg. Another big hunter. Someone had to witness this sad event. I wish they would report it.

Poor taste

It was in poor taste for McCain’s daughter to make negative statements about Trump at her father’s funeral.

Broken records

In Friday’s News-Item, nine of the 11 Sound Off calls were about President Trump. I believe two of them defended President Trump. However, the point is, approximately 90 percent of the calls are about Trump. Don’t people have anything else to think about? If you want to be political, why not comment on Brett Kavanaugh’s hearings? Why not comment on what is taking place in our own town? It is getting sickening. Turn your brain off.

Hometown goodies

It was so nice to see our hometown restaurant, Fisher’s, on TV. Their hometown pierogies are absolutely delicious. My favorites are the cheesesteak pierogies, and the family running it is so friendly and kind.


Do the people who own these blighted properties that are demolished remain the owners afterward? Editor’s note: Typically, the ownership has already been transferred to the county or local municipality before demolition.

Mario Cart

When did it become acceptable to take a shopping cart home? I see them in front of people’s houses or ditched in the street. Isn’t that considered stealing? Frog’s take: My favorite was when I saw a complimentary handicapped scooter from Weis parked in front of someone’s house.

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