Be anonymous

Well, Vinny, since you’re all up in Shamokin’s business, sorry, but I don’t need to make myself relevant and get my name in the paper. You could have done so anonymously. If you want to know what I’ve done, I am the one who got the city new parking meters. Did I get my name out there? No. I don’t need to feed my ego.

Relationship issues

Kim Jong Un wants us and the world to witness the humiliation of Trump by blatantly resuming his nuclear program in plain sight of our satellites? Trump may be in love with Kim, but Kim is breaking up with Trump.

For the record

How do you run for city council in Shamokin when you have charges against you for recording in a courtroom? And you have the audacity to say you’re honest? You shouldn’t even be allowed to run for city council.

Where’s the outrage?

In the last 30 days there have been 122 Islamic terrorist attacks in 22 countries, in which 859 people were killed and 853 were injured. Where was the outrage about that?

Huge garbage cans

The other day I read where a caller wrote in and said he donated 500 dollars to Shamokin for two garbage cans. I’d like to know where you got two garbage cans for 500 dollars? They must be pretty big garbage cans.

Buddy system

It’s election time. Don’t you think the Shamokin Area taxpayers should know what sons and daughters of the school directors are employed at the Shamokin Area High School? Sons, daughters and wives. Do we have the right to know or do we have to file with the attorney general to find out? The people should know who they’re putting in office and who the good old boys are.

Keep listening

Regarding Rep. Llhan Omar’s treatment of Ambassador Abrams. Did your “video clip” mention that he pleaded guilty to, among other things, lying to Congress about U.S. support for an army that murdered more than 800 people in El Salvador, including 195 children under 12? Is it OK for Ms. Omar to be upset about that? You were told that she said something about Jews. You mean to say that she dared to expose that an Israel lobby has paid off Congress to pass rules which violate the First Amendment? She is being attacked because she doesn’t just shut up and take the money like her colleagues. Joe’s take: A pro-Israel lobby isn’t the only one in Congress with lots of “hush money.”

Deep-end Donald

Commander Crazy tweeted 50 times last weekend. Many think Trump has gone off the deep end. It does not matter to Republicans if Trump inspires neo-Nazis and other right-wing nationalists; if Trump’s bizarre conduct has convinced our allies that he is mentally unstable; or even that he constantly trashes the democratic norms of this country. The rich got their big tax cut and the religious got their conservative judges, so the cult will continue to defend Trump’s racist, unhinged and dangerous behavior no matter what the cost to the United States of America.

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