It’s Obama’s fault

Don’t go blaming Trump for GM closing its plants and laying off people. It was the global warming nut, Obama, who was as bad as Gore and ordered GM to just make electric cars, and the people didn’t want to buy them. That is what is wrong with liberals — they just want to shove their ideas down everybody’s throat.

Stoke the fire

I think Mr. Zack just threw some more wood on the fire with his comment that Chris Venna is a very capable superintendent.


Kenn Splitt just wrote another letter to the editor regarding the economy. He made the statement that perhaps this thought is delusional referring to the belief that the economy is good. Perhaps the quote “this thought is delusional” could apply to all of Kenn’s total letter. For crying out loud, I thought for a minute on income inequality he was talking about the welfare bums that get everything for nothing whereas hard-working people like myself have to pay for everything.

No sense

The Shamokin Area School Board doesn’t spend enough money to beef up security and ensure the safety of the students but they can give a guy $60,000 for five months’ work? These school directors serve at the discretion of the voters; a lot of us remember that.

God bless

Are there any organizations collecting Christmas cards to send to our service members? I like to participate in doing that as much as I can. I want to say God bless all those who are serving and those who have served. From a grateful American. Editor’s take: Not sure about the answer to your question, but The News-Item welcomes addresses of service members to whom readers can send greetings. Send them to us at 707 N. Rock St., Shamokin 17872 or write to, and we’ll have them published.

Volunteer work

Mr. Zack, I just read your comment in the paper. It’s not about the money. Well, Shamokin does accept volunteers. Why don’t you try that?

Money talks

Quote, from Wednesday’s paper. Regardless of their vote, board members maintain that the superintendent, “Chris Venna is well qualified for the position and is doing a good job since replacing Zack on July 1.” So why do we need an extension for Zack? Money talks and BS walks. Spend the money on the kids and not filling up Zack’s pockets.

Too slow

This is a public service announcement brought to you by a frustrated motorist who drives Route 54 between Elysburg and Danville for my daily morning commute. For the love of God, please drive at least the posted speed limit. Yes your car should be traveling almost one mile each minute. If that’s too much to handle, perhaps contact PennDOT and have them reevaluate your driving privileges.

Kenn and Nancy

The thought of Pelosi as House Speaker is almost as terrifying as Kenn Splitt being a newspaper editor. Yikes!

Enemy of the people

Trump refers to the media as “the enemy of the people.” In the late 1800s, Ibsen wrote a play with this title. The mayor twists the truth and he never realizes that he himself and the people who collude with him are the real enemies. Now, 135 years later, we actually have an enemy in Washington, D.C.

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