Eminent domain?

Good luck to the city on trying to take properties on eminent domain. Just like they tried to take the old comfort station on Market Street. It’s the law that you can’t take a property by eminent domain unless it will be used by the public. If the city would enforce the ordinances and the county would stop selling to out-of-town and out-of-state buyers, the situation might have not gotten out of hand. The county needs to take responsibility for creating this mess.

Fix them up

I am aware that in other municipalities, you can not buy a property at an upset sale and not let it sit there and rot. You have one year to make it inhabitable and back on the tax rolls or you will face fines. That’s what should be done here in Shamokin and Coal Township with the upset sale coming up in a week or so.

Ranshaw rats

I’m calling about the trash problem in Ranshaw. I’m wondering why the code enforcement office isn’t driving around checking these properties that are loaded with trash behind their houses with no garbage cans. There is obviously a rat issue going on in that town and trash everywhere. What is it with people not using garbage cans? The officer should drive through daily and make people accountable for the trash.

Insure this

My understanding is that I may be in a flood zone even though I have not been flooded by the creek overflowing its banks. Only have I been flooded by the sewer system because an entity failed to close the sewer pipe at the creek by Patsy’s steps. Is this a ploy by the government? Who is making money on this?

POTUS put down

To the caller who stated, “Trump tells it like it is and what everyone is thinking but are afraid to say.” If everyone is thinking that most of the rest of the world is inhabited by violent rapists, then I guess that makes sense. If everyone secretly puts “little” as an insult in front of the names of everyone they disagree with, then the world is a sad place. Trump deserves to be called just about whatever people want to call him, because that is the way he treats others.

No second term

A second term for Trump would only promote more anti-science, anti-environment policies while raising the likelihood of war with Iran, Afghanistan, etc., and worsen the spiritual, ethical and economic status of people in an increasing disunited America.


If they’d have let the cemetery commission put that tower at the top, even if they would have had to move a couple graves, which they didn’t have to, there would have been $1,000 a month coming into the funds. But no. They had to screw that up. Arrest the mayor fraudulently and put an end to that. How about instead of a collection for those stupid fireworks they collect for the cemetery instead? Get your priorities straight, people. I know you’re going to say something about that, but I don’t care. If you’re hungry, you buy food and not cigarettes. If you need the cemetery cleaned up, you don’t buy fireworks, you use the money for a better cause. That’s the way I was brought up.

Moscow Mitch

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s own Senate Intelligence Committee issued a bipartisan report stating that urgent steps must be taken to protect our election system. It is obvious by Moscow Mitch’s actions to block legislation to defend our election, that he believes the Russian cyber attacks will help him, Trump and other Republicans win the 2020 election.

Great cartoons

Loved your Monday opinion page cartoon. Republican President Trump makes a mistake and it’s all blown out of proportion. Democratic vice president and presidential hopeful Biden makes a mistake and it’s all hush-hush.

Parking meter

What hours during the week and Saturday are the parking meters enforced? I always thought ticketing ended at noon on Saturdays.

Not-so-quick fix

I’d like to know how long it takes Kulpmont to fix a small area of road in an alley — the 600 block of Scott Street. It has been blocked off for months. My lord, what are they doing?

Bad people

Guns don’t kill people, people kill people. People that should not have guns. We need to screen who can get a gun and who cannot. It’s not the hunters, it’s not only mentally ill, it’s people, for whatever reason, people that hate should not have guns.

Not dead

Anyone that thinks multibillionaire Epstein is dead is dumber than dirt. There will be a body there, but it won’t be his. Something will happen where he’ll get cremated. People don’t want enough real cop shows. He’ll be living in another country.

Bomboy bad

Sunday morning, I read another two-column long article by an author from this area. First sentence is: During his racist tirades last week, Donald Trump ... You know what, you’re reaching right now. You’re reaching beyond Donald Trump and now you’re attacking his family. You want to talk about divisiveness in this nation? You sir are one of them who is stoking the fires continually every week and promoting divisiveness in your articles.

Gas update

I just got gas in Lewisburg. $2.57.

Gas boycott

I’d like to add my comments to all the other comments pertaining to why is the gas so much more in Elysburg. It’s 20 cents per gallon cheaper in Shamokin than Elysburg. Why is Elysburg taking advantage of all the traffic on the highway? People going to Knoebels, going to Geisiner, traveling — there’s no reason it should be so expensive. Do not buy your gas in Elysburg; it will make them bring it down sooner or later.

Waste of money

$198,000 to put a box culvert under Route 125 for the AOAA? What a waste of money. that money could be better used to fight blight in this area and tear down some of these eyesores that exist. The AOAA should stand on its own, it should not be funded by the government.

Fire the team

A caller said the Phillies’ manager should be fired. They can’t hit and if you can’t hit you can’t score runs. Who should be fired is the whole team and bring up the Reading Phillies. They can’t do any worse. According to your thinking, quite a few managers should be fired this year. They’re worse than the Phillies and that’s bad.

Food for profits

In 1943, 490,000 German prisoners invaded the U.S. mainland courtesy of the U.K. and U.S. That’s right, to work the farms and plantations, even working in the Jewish slaughterhouses. they were treated well, given lodging, bathroom facilities, utilities and even had canteens with brew and given rifles to protect themselves in the fields. It’s a fact, Jack.

Kudos to Knoebels

Do people realize how lucky we are to have the Knoebel family to offer free parking, free admission, free entertainment? It’s a wonderful place to go and it’s in our backyard. Other parks you have to pay for everything. At Knoebels, you can come in with your own food. It’s a wonderful place and I appreciate it so much.

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