Hit piece

More bias from The Washington Post. Cynthia Nixon’s article calling it racist to question whether Barack Obama was born in the United States is a biased hit job. The requirement for becoming president is you must be 35 years old, live here for 14 years and be a natural born citizen. The question of your citizenship should be investigated no matter the color of your skin. It is not a racist question, it is a requirement. When you are devoid of intelligence you resort to name calling.

Money for nothing

Mr. Kraft was not “stupid.” The irony is that he acted completely rationally. When someone wealthy, and possibly recognizable, finds a partner at a bar, they run the risk of being victimized by an opportunist who will threaten to accuse them of inappropriate behavior in a blackmail scheme. When people like Kraft purchase sex, the largest part of what they is purchase is silence.


Isn’t it funny how conditions here in Northumberland county meet the goals of U.N. Agenda 21 directly or indirectly? High incidences of welfare and below-poverty wages making private property and vehicle ownership and maintenance difficult. Common core in our schools, and low standards of living. Something needs to be done.


I watched a good portion of Trump’s speech at the right wing-nut convention called CPAC. It was a two-hour unhinged tirade of raging narcissism infused with lies and periods of dementia. Trump’s reality show act on the stage at CPAC was an embarrassment and unbecoming of the office of president of the United States.


Hey you clueless Democrats, what part of “Michael Cohen is a convicted felon and a known liar” don’t you understand? The guy has no credibility and his allegations are going nowhere.

Fine mess

With the primary elections coming around the corner real directly, I propose that all campaigns, parties, Democrats, Republicans, Green parties and whoever they are should have to pay a permit for every single sign that they put out. If they don’t remove them within one week of the election they get fined heavily by the day. Maybe this would provoke them not to be littering our environment. The Democrats should love this because all they know what to do is place fines, permits and spend money.


For the past few months, I have been seeing ambulances from Sunbury, Elysburg and Trevorton coming into Shamokin and Coal Township. Where is AREA Services?

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Hit piece--Obama was born in Hawaii. The 50th State. He was over 35. What don't you understand? I think I know.

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