Bad small governments

One of the biggest enemies in today’s communities are our own government. An example: When a house goes into foreclosure, we knowingly sell it to slumlords. The slumlords do nothing but let rats reinvest in the community and then we wonder why property values are low and everyone is behind on taxes. The county needs to start taking a better approach by doing something to make property owners more accountable. Also, if we would have a countywide reassessment, some of these people would be in for a rude awakening, but that won’t happen because we have some public officials who do everything in their power to make sure they don’t need to pay their fair share.

Historical landmark

To city council: Why don’t you get a historical sign over the former St. Joe’s church on Shamokin Street. The first church in the United States to have electricity, and you’re too cheap to buy a historical sign. If you go out to the school, I’ll bet you 50 students don’t even know that Shamokin was the first place to have electricity in church. What a joke. Spend some money, Shamokin. Joe’s take: The first church to have electric lights installed was St. Edward’s Church in 1883, not St. Joe’s, caller.

Take all guns

For all you people that are out to protect your guns: If you are not satisfied with owning a gun to protect your family in your house or own a hunting rifle, then they should take all guns off the street. All of them. And the only ones that deserve to have them are police officers and military.

Judges have the power

America has long ago ceased being a constitutional republic and is now a judicial dictatorship.

It needs to stop

Democrats in Congress are hell-bent on trying to unseat a president they despise, even though the Special Counsel and his loyalist staff of Clinton bootlickers could not find any sustainable evidence of a crime. Zilch, nada. Their golden boy who drove the witch hunt, Robert Mueller, a total failure whose career includes a number of spectacular failures, will go down in history as the guy who vindicated Trump. The Democrats’ abuse of power by wasting all that time and money, instead doing the peoples’ business for which they were elected, is unchecked corruption that needs to stop.

The Browns

How can this paper keep printing Sound Off calls from the same two people bashing Mayor and Mrs. Brown. Everyone knows you are doing it for political reasons. The Browns are more community-minded and dedicated to this area than just about anyone I have ever met. Maybe, just maybe, if you had ever done anything for Shamokin other than complain you might see that. Keep up the good work, Mayor Brown and members of council, and good luck Mrs. Brown.

Natalie I

Mount Carmel Township supervisors — do they exist? When they got in they were going to do this, they were going to that. And I’ll tell you what, it’s a shame that they forgot about Natalie. The Mount Carmel Item came up and took pictures of the street of the street. You’d be so disappointed in all the supervisors that we have in Mount Carmel Township. Next election, I think you should vote for the freaking devil against them, because I am.

Natalie II

I want to know, do we have supervisors in Mount Carmel Township? Up in Natalie, it’s a shame that you can’t take a kid in a stroller without hitting a pothole, especially on Center Street, where the fire truck goes out on emergencies. It’s terrible. People keep asking, where are the supervisors? How comes it’s like this? It never was this bad as long as I can remember. What are they doing? It’s a shame.

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