Noise counseling

I see where Gaudenzia is offering counseling. I have neighbors who have vehicles that are only loud when the accelerator is floored. So they floor it, then coast it to the stop sign, then floor it again, all in order to be as loud as possible. Do you know if they have counseling for people being annoying, inconsiderate jerks? I’ll distribute their marketing materials by the case. Gaudenzia will need to build a new building.

Hijacking the Fourth

President Eisenhower, who commanded the Allied forces in World War II, stated, “We are the pre-eminent power on earth. For us to try to imitate the Soviets (military parade) in Red Square makes us look weak.“ Since World War II, presidents have not attended the July Fourth celebration so it does not become politicized. Now Trump has hijacked the parade to make it all about him. Trump will be reviewing his great parade like some third-world dictator.

Abortion kills

There are millions of babies being aborted at every stage of pregnancy. Despite the fact that the morning after pill is readily available, despite the fact that there are many types of birth control, including IUDs, long acting injections, condoms for men, abortion is being used as a form of birth control. I, personally, would not feel better if I aborted a baby conceived due to rape or incest. Watch TLC when there are multiple births. The babies are living despite being very premature. Those babies cry, those babies feel pain when pricked by needles. Babies being aborted feel the horrible pain. Abortion kills babies, Jack!

Moving on

Congratulations to the recent five college students from our area. Four from York College and one from Lafayette. Now, my question would be how many of those five are returning to this area? I’d be willing bet none. We, in the coal region, spend an enormous amount of our tax dollars only to see the product of our labor and money disappear out of the region. It would be interesting to see how many of our college and university graduates stay in the area after they graduate. Let’s see if any of them stay within a 50-mile radius of the Shamokin-Mount Carmel area after one year. I would predict less than 15%.

Safety lacking

It was extremely heartwarming to read about the goodness being served weekly at that local church. Goodness abounds in many shapes and forms. Sadly, lacking in the picture was hairnets and gloves. A call to the Department of Health concerning acquiring a Servsafe Food Safety certification is paramount. Best of luck, keep the faith.

Arrest that man!

You cannot just shoot any dog you want. This person should be arrested for murder, because that’s exactly what he did — kill.


One more Fourth of July in Mount Carmel with not just mild fireworks. We have large explosions. M-80’s going off in the southeast end of town — Market, Chestnut, Sixth and Seventh streets. So much smoke it looks like a war zone, and where are our police? Hiding as they have been for the last 30 years. Why can I not recuperate from a heart attack without this juvenile nonsense? And the senior’s mid-rise is in the middle of it also. Police chief, you wanted the job, now enforce the law or move on.

Confidence is low

What is happening to the City of Shamokin? It is 10 p.m. Thursday night and people are out there shooting off what is clearly illegal fireworks. Huge, loud explosions right over the top of all these old homes. Where are they getting these fireworks and where are the cops? I lost all confidence in this town, not just with this, with everything!

Racist flag

One person in America claims that the Revolutionary Flag is racist and the rest of us bow down to this creep. Wonder what’s going on next in that devious mind?

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