Push back school

I think all these local schools should push back the start of school until at least Sept. 8. Going back on Monday, the 24th, seems ridiculous with the uprise in cases going on in Northumberland County. What will happen is one kid will get COVID and then the school will close down for a week or two. Postpone it for two weeks and see what happens.

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to how could you:: because it is a cult and they are brainwashed from all the kool aid they drank.


When I was completing the application to receive a mail in ballot for the PA primary I checked the box requesting an annual mail in ballot. In this season of uncertainty with the US Postal Service I called the Northumberland County Board of Elections office to verify that I would receive an annual application. I was not in their system. They did correct this immediately. However, I wondered how many other people checked this box and are not in the system. If you want to double check about your status call the Northumberland County Board of Elections office. They were very kind and helpful


To political worries :: You are exactly right !! They have no idea what socialism is !!! LOL ! You just can't fix STUPID !!!


To Dem Convention....and I assume there's never any violence in any city where a republican is a mayor?


To upnorth EXACTLY !!!

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