Remember when Trump said, “They cling to their guns and religion. What will you do when we take both of those away?” Me neither. That was Obama.


You mean to tell me there is actually somebody who depends on the newspaper to change the time on their clock? Editor’s take: Yes, there are. Remember there are many elderly who live in our community.

Repudiation at the polls

Trump campaigned hard, telling Republicans their mid-term vote was actually a vote for him. The country repudiated Trump, giving Democrats in the House their biggest victory since the 1974 Watergate era. The majority of voters demonstrated that they recognize Trump for what he is: a lying, incompetent con man who is unfit to be president.

Something to hide

I see the Republicans, led by their great leader Donald Trump are stepping up their attacks on the press. Those who aspire to integrity and truth encourage the accountability provided by the free press. Those with something to hide attack it.


The Republican Party, regarding their leadership, should heed the advice of “Pogo,” the old American comic strip character who promotes social and political satire via puns, wordplay, some Irish poetry, literary whimsy and humor: “We have met the enemy, and he is us.”

Brotherly love

My deceased husband would laugh at me for now being a football fan, but the Eagles game on Veterans Day was wonderful. Former president and Laura Bush were there from Texas. Sadly, we lost, but a beautiful show of American unity in the City of Brotherly Love. I wish all of us could show that love every day.

Lord knows

In regards to “Beginning of the end” and all you anti-Trumpers, when are you going to get it? When Donald Trump, and I’m not saying it was right, had his extramarital affairs, he did it outside the White House; he wasn’t the president. But Clinton and Kennedy and lord knows who else also did it. I’m sure Trump didn’t use government funds.

A foundation

Congratulations to Coach Hynoski and the Shamokin Area football team for a great year. Remember, Rome was not built in a day. You are laying the foundation, coach. Good job.

Mistaken identity

I just read Robert Bomboy’s Sunday editorial. Well, part of it, because it got me so mad. In actuality, I thought the man was writing about the Clintons, who went into politics almost completely broke and came out as multimillionaires.

Blue wave

To the caller who asked who I voted for, just let me say predation is despicable. Trump laughingly talks about creeping on 15 year olds in their dressing rooms. Trump laughingly talks about grabbing women’s genitals. He supported a child molester for Congress. Other people’s despicable behavior does not excuse his, so you can just bet I voted Democrat.

Poles apart

The article in Sunday’s paper by Greg Maresca entitled “Mustangs among us” was one of the best articles he has written in a long time, and all his articles are good. Thank God we have people like these Mustangs and professional soldiers who are willing to put their lives on the line to protect this country. I compared Maresca’s article to Robert Bomboy’s article, and I just laughed.

Tar and feather

You’ll never get any justice from Catholic authority. Pedophiles are still out there. Tar and feather the scum and don’t let any priest within 100 yards of a child. Parishioners, get to the truth.

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