Not taxpayers problem

Mr. Chesney said blight is always going to be a target that will be hunted and controlled via ordinances and codes, which is often parroted by Mr. Lutz. That’s a good thing. But why is council soliciting bids for the demo of two buildings on the 900 block of Chestnut Street, which will be paid by the borough instead of the slum property owners? If the codes and ordinances are effective, the taxpayers should not be the ones responsible.

Poor China!

Tariff is just another word for tax. Trump just put a $200 billion tax on the American people. Trump calls it a 25% tariff but, whatever you call it, the increased cost of goods imported from China are passed on to American companies who pass them on to you.This was confirmed in an interview Sunday by Trump’s economic advisor Larry Kudlow. Seniors, working families and the poor will be hurt the most by the Trump tariff tax. When you pay more at the store you can thank Trump. Joe’s take: Where’s the blame on China in all of this, caller? Are you telling me they’re not to blame since they provide us our “everyday low prices?”

Money to burn

The Pennsylvania State Police is in the process of changing all their white police cars and SUVs to grey vehicles. Kulpmont council approved a $51,000 brand new Chevy Tahoe (whether or not they get a grant). Kulpmont can’t afford this! Maybe Kulpmont can get a used white state police vehicle cheaper than $51,000, instead of spending money like an 18-year-old with a new job. Good reason they should call their state representatives.

Green acre$

Once again, Trump’s crazy trade war will cost all of us, including farmers. But unlike the rest of us, farmers will again be bailed out by their orange-haired guru. Funny how these lovers of capitalism, hard work and self-dependency and haters of our “socialist,” over-regulating, intrusive government have no problem taking the taxpayer’s dirty money. I think instead of the bumper sticker saying “Don’t complain about farmers with your mouth full,” it should read “Don’t complain about the government with your hand out.” Joe’s take: Well, why not the farmer. After all, the whole country has had its hands out for government money since the 1930s.

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