Guys are gross

With the nice weather upon us, I would hope we could look into passing a law so that males can no longer walk with no tops on, especially on the main streets of Mount Carmel. The town is bad enough, but it’s terrible when you have middle-aged men who have the audacity to walk around with no shirt on. Can’t the cops please cite them?

Walking free

Shamokin, Pennsylvania — the only town in America where you can punch a judge in the face and the cops don’t put her in jail. Unbelievable. Somebody needs to step in here because these guys are getting lazy.

Self-serving service

All of these little events that go on in the area like the kid’s fair, the planting of the flowers and other events that are community driven — they actually aren’t. It’s the same people that do every event and take all the credit for it and they don’t include the community for volunteers. It’s the same groups. They all do it for themselves — they don’t ask anybody else to help. Maybe they should start letting people help instead of boxing people out all the time.

Red light thought

Is it possible for Coal Township and Shamokin to keep the red lights just flashing yellow before 6 a.m.? Is that too much to ask?

Gas prices

I’m calling regarding the gas prices in Mount Carmel. In Lewisburg it was $2.69, or $2.71. What’s wrong with Mount Carmel, Shamokin and Kulpmont? It’s $2.95 or $2.91? My God, that’s outrageous. Get with the times.

Immigration thought

Something to ponder: The U.S. birthrate is very low. We are not replacing ourselves. Our population is aging. Some farmers are selling their equipment because they don’t have workers. The Midwest will have to be rebuilt because of floods and tornados. The same people we’re trying to keep out would be willing to do that backbreaking work. Our area knows well that first-generation immigrants will take any work available.

Dope pride

Has our lieutenant governor done anything worthwhile since taking office? First, a marijuana tour to gain support for his dope smoking, and now he has hung gay pride flags from our Capitol building in Harrisburg. I do not recall him honoring our veterans on Memorial Day. Strangely enough, he was silent for that. When is he going to actually do something that benefits the whole state? Joe’s take: Beats me. But you can always write to him and ask.

Expensive investigations

I would like to correct Tuesday’s Sound Off caller. The Mueller investigation cost $35 million, not $40 million. This investigation resulted in the government seizing cash and assets worth $46 million from Paul Manafort, so the investigation actually made money for the government. Mueller indicted 34 people with a total of 199 criminal charges. The Republican investigation of Bill Clinton cost $69 million and resulted in no criminal charges. The caller also forgot to mention that Bob Mueller and his boss, Rob Rosenstine, are Republicans.

Big mistake

In the future, history will show that the biggest mistake in Donald Trump’s life was running for president of the United States.

Coup d’etat

The more Pelosi, Nadler, Shift, Cummings, Waters, Neil and others push this investigation theme against Trump, Barr and others, it begs the question, what are the Democrats hiding? AG Barr and Durham are doubling down on their efforts to get to the bottom of this wretched attempt to implement a coup. The names on the list that the AG comes up with will be longer than the number of pages in Mueller’s pathetic report.

Vietnam victory

We lost the Vietnam War? I have news for you pal, you must be a Democrat with bone spurs. We never lost a battle. I am a combat veteran.

Listen up, leaders

Obviously, our Shamokin leaders were not paying attention. They have hired a Sunbury law firm that overcharged the hell out of Sunbury. What’s a matter? Don’t we have law firms to do work in town, there, Mr. Mayor?

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