Dog gone

How interesting to see that the Northumberland County Sheriff’s Department still, and quite a few years now, does not have its own dog for its sheriff’s deputies to use that we constantly have to rely on Snyder and Union counties every time we need to use a dog.

Evil Dems

All 2020 Democrat “candidates” voted against “Born Alive” bill that would give medical assistance after a failed abortion. They support infanticide. Now who is deplorable? This is pure evil.


The only thing that broke John Lazicki’s 18-year one-and-done losing streak in district’s was Southern’s Fleming being sidelined.

What’s new?

At Wednesday’s Congressional hearing, Republicans attacked Michael Cohen as a liar. Cohen admitted he lied to Congress but provided documents that proved his lies were primarily for the benefit of and to protect Trump. No Republican was able refute Cohen’s testimony that Trump illegally directed hush money paid to an adult film star a week before the election. No Republican adequately countered Cohen’s statements that Trump was aware of the Russian hacking and welcomed their help. Cohen stated that Trump is a cheat, a con man and a liar. That is something the majority of Americans already know.

GOP under attack

The Republican Party once prided itself for protecting our Constitution and supporting national security, but no more. The GOP is now a party without principles or values. Standing true to the Constitution, ensuring national security and even simple honesty are now foreign to Republicans. They have drank the Kool Aid and have become members of the Trump cult. Republicans no longer care about illegal acts, Russian aggression or that they are constantly told lies by their great leader, Trump. They no longer care about the independence of our justice system and free press. Republicans blindly follow Comrade Trump regardless of the harm his reckless actions may do to our democracy.


If you actually have a job, you know that the American worker pays taxes for Social Security and Medicare. Medicare recipients pay a monthly premium. How is this socialism?

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Why is it socialism? Really? You don’t understand? Yes working class people are taxed On some earned income with that tax called FICA and Medicare. Some people put in a lot, and get little back, never needing the health care system , often due to good health habits. others have monies put in but for many reasons including just bad luck use a lot more resources, meaning they receive a lot more benefits than the monies contributed. That’s the terrible concept of socialism in this instance. I bet the complaining individual has not contributed much to the system and has received benefits well in excess of the monies contributed. Based on low incomes in the coal region and high medical costs everywhere, odds are most people in the region receive, in the aggregate, a net benefit ( meaning get more out than put in) from this “ socialist” concept.

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