Smack talk

Hey, Shamokin, you can have the Coal Bucket. That’s what you get when you’re bad for Christmas — a bucket of coal. You deserve it.

B.S. fixer

In respond to comrade Sound Off Trump hater, the big “why” is on your part. I, as a Trump cult member, recall Trump always saying he has great relations with the Saudis and does a lot of business with them. Trump also stated he will not break military contracts because it could cost thousands of American jobs. If you’re going to call in B.S. about Trump, get your story straight.

Taxing question

I see on Page 3 of Thursday’s edition that Ralpho Township is having a leaf collection. Is this happening in Mount Carmel Township? What do we get for our taxes?


Scientists unequivocally know that the Earth is warming since the last Ice Age 12,000 years ago. That’s why we don’t have half-a-mile thick ice in Shamokin.

No kidding

A Sound Off call said that the Republicans are doing everything they can to stop Democrats from getting votes. Well no ..., Sherlock. But one thing the Republicans are not doing is smashing windows and vandalizing Democratic offices.

Tex Mex

What do you suppose Trump’s reaction to Khashoggi’s murder would be if it were a Mexican hit team who killed him?

Highway robbery

Republican leadership refers to Social Security as an entitlement, something you get for free. Now Mitch McConnell says these retirement benefits need to be cut to make up for the loss of money from the tax cuts granted to the wealthy. Republicans are taking this money from retirees who depend on Social Security and a fixed income, who paid into this saving fund and are giving it to the wealthy. How can this be justified? This is robbery.

Maresca’s glass house

To Greg Maresca: I suggest not falling for divide and conquer politics. The voting right is kept just as “incensed and fearful” over terrorists as the left. Voters then damage our Constitution by voting for the surveillance state. You are 5,800 times more likely to die due to a medical error than by terrorism, so who is the fool? Work with the left on the issues on which you agree. The local left are not throwing stone’s so why should you?

Us Chickens

Every president in the modern era has visited soldiers who were serving in a warzone during their first year in office with the exception of chicken-heart Trump. Trump says he is the biggest supporter of the military ever yet in the next breath he says he is too busy to travel to a combat zone. Trump is not too busy to watch TV for hours each day or travel to Florida to golf every weekend. Draft dodger Donald keeps our military at war but is afraid of getting within a thousand miles of combat. He is a coward.

Making of a mob

Just saw a report on Fox News about the caravan. Apparently, Trump and the Koch brothers sent paid actors with bags of cash to Guatemala to organize the current immigrant caravan. They are trying to create a hot button situation to fire up the radical right base before the midterm elections. Not surprising coming from the former TV reality host.

The green stuff

If those foreign countries are accused of meddling into our election process, don’t blame them. Blame our politicians. They never seem to have enough of that green stuff.

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