Eggs Benedict

Hey, Kenn, there are also old, white Democrats in Washington, D.C. I want you to read the Constitution of the United States and read the definition of treason. You and your old, white Democrats are more guilty of treason than Benedict Arnold.

Waste of space

When is Kenn Splitt going to give it a break? He is three days and three dollars short on the Kavanaugh letter. He is wasting space.

On the administration

It is a shame about the young girl committing suicide for being bullied. When I was in school, it was always the administrators who took care of problems like this, especially in this day and age. If they can’t do it, they should be held accountable. All kids should be safe from bullying, and that falls on the administration.

Man in the mirror

Another letter from Kenn Splitt, which almost made me split with laughter. The people who need to go from the Senate, Kenn, are the ones like Blumenthal, Schumer, Pelosi and Flake. These people should be ashamed at the smear campaign and the continued underhanded tactics they employ against good people like Judge Kavanaugh. As far as talking about old, white men, take a look in the mirror. Like a lot of us, you are an old, white man, too.

Civics class

I couldn’t agree more that younger people have no idea about the history of the United States or how the government works. I place this problem on the failure to teach it. Schools today are social welfare institutions, not educational institutions. Teachers are far more worried about how students “feel” and how they are “socialized” rather than education. Editor’s note: Don’t blame the teachers. Blame the parents.


To “Stand up” to bullies: That is a fine thing to say when we have youth who behave like lower-life forms, trying to thin the herd of the weak. When I was in school, those picked on the worst were in wheelchairs. Tell them to “stand up” for themselves. I do not agree with creating a culture of snowflakes, but this caller is the polar opposite. No making excuses for knuckle-dragging throwbacks who think it is funny to terrorize someone to the point of suicide, nor the school boards who shirk their responsibility to stop them.

People of means

“Hate team” has no leg to stand on. While complaining about Trump supporters, they spewed their own hatred for religion and for those who might be called “people of means.” Of course, there are two ways to get rich. One is by illicit methods. The other is by producing more than you consume. The hatred shines without regard for such distinctions because theirs is an envy-based hatred. To see hate, they need only a mirror.

One handed solution

What needs to happen is that we capture the feral cats in the Fifth Ward and take them to Kulpmont to rid that borough of the rat infestation. I am patting myself on the back as I write this.

In response ...

To “Ladies night:” What an idiotic statement; nothing could be proved. To “living in the past:” Another idiotic statement; Obama did nothing. To “Back on track:” Good luck with all the idiotic policies of the liberal Democrats. Boy, a lot of idiots in here. To “How long:” Who cares about Trump’s taxes, all the elite in the nation look and find loopholes to hide money and cheat on their taxes. Until an equal percentage of taxes are taken from everyone, there will always be tax evasion.

Cat lover

I have six cats, and many over my lifetime. Many were spayed and neutered. I have taken those others couldn’t care for and seen many dead on the highway. I love cats — would not be without them — but feral cats have no lives, and I wonder if they would be better served humanely euthanized because they are still wild and suffer, fixed or not.

Buck Rogers

For almost two years Donald Trump took credit for the rise in the stock market. However, when there was a big drop in the market he blamed everyone but himself. Remember the sign on President Truman’s desk that read: The buck stops here? The sign on Dodger Donald’s desk states: The buck stops anywhere but here.

Going nuclear

Kenn Splitt should look in the mirror with his comments about old, white men. The first time the nuclear option or a vote by the simple majority was implemented was in 2013. It was done by Harry Reid. I don’t remember Kenn complaining about it then. Now that the Republicans did it, he has a problem. Obama, Reid and Pelosi chose this option. What is good for the goose is good for the gander.

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