Relieved of duty

The latest reported sexual abuse of a 17-year-old girl by a Roman Catholic priest is disgusting. He should immediately be relieved of his priestly duties. I would not attend a Mass at his parish nor go to him for confession.

Equal enforcement

Thank you, Mr. Mychak for caring for the township as a whole, not just friends and relatives, as past supervisors. Now let’s get rid of the dilapidated, burnt homes in dangerous disrepair. Enhance and enforce all township codes. Equal enforcement to everyone. Homeowners need to have a way to report problems without any political red tape. Coming to a meeting will not address the problems. Drive around, write a ticket.

Exposing swamp rats

The swamp in Washington, D.C., is draining and the monsters and crocodiles like Michael Cohen and Paul Manafort are coming out. Other Republican supporters of Trump, namely Chris Collins in New York and Duncan Hunter in California, have also been exposed as members of this corrupt, destructive Republican administration. The mid-term elections will also eliminate a number of other creatures.

Right thing to do

Approving the drug rehab in Coal Township was the right thing to do. I find it disturbing that Chairman Fetterman believes the board of Coal Township commissioners should be recognized for not taking the opportunity to damage the county’s efforts. The board admitted that they could not justify voting “no.”

Bear essentials

The man who had the little zoo was Dick Reichard. It was located to the right of the underpass to Badman’s Hill. Bear’s name was Buzzer. He also had a deer named Jelly Bean that escaped during deer season and was never found. He also had a store on Independence Street called the Little Giant. I sang on his radio show on Sundays on WISL in 1949. The bear had to be put down because it attacked him. Bill Kline from Trevorton Road had Buzzer’s hide. Dick also showed outdoor movies for the kids.

$25,000 in black and white

Well, it was in black and white. The owner of the former Dalmatia Elementary School owes more than $25,000 in back taxes.

What quick reply?

I read in the paper today that the neighbors are thankful for the quick response to the gas leak. Well, I live a half a block away from the gas leak and no one even came and knocked on my door to let me know.

Smoke blower

What “defies logic” is not that remodeling an existing property to be the prison costs less. What “defies logic” is saying that building from scratch, over soil which could not be compacted, would not cost more. When are we going to have a minority commissioner who does not blow smoke up our arse?

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