I’m a cat lover and am a firm believer in catnaps. They definitely improve one’s personality, disposition and work performance. I think that some members on Kulpmont council ought to heed this advice and take a good, long catnap. It will not only help their personality, but also their ability to operate heavy machinery.

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I'm with "Use Road Vehicles". These are "Off" road vehicles. This should be put to a communal vote and see who else wants to use their streets as access points for these vehicles. People who buy the four wheels, great. Use them where they should be used. And don't park your trailers on streets or pavements meant for cars and pedestrians. Oh, and I forgot, "Yer front Porch". This whole thing is ridiculous. I wonder how many of these "off roaders" that come here to ride thru our town and get drunk, would want this on their street. We are becoming such a hick town. And the big business that its suppose to generate I'm asking Where? They should give the tax payers a break to have them come thru our city not just to drink at the local watering holes. I'm not seeing a break in my taxes. There is absolutely no incentive for the average tax paying citizen to in anyway benefit from the whole "Chariot of the Gods" debaucle.

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