Judicial power

You show me exactly where in the Constitution that politicians have a right to make medical decisions, or somewhere in the Constitution where the President of the United States has the authority to cancel a major league All-Star Game. Editor: Joe Biden did not move the All-Star Game, Major League Baseball did. Judicial powers are outlined in Article III of the Constitution, which establishes a Supreme Court and gives Congress the authority to establish lower courts, like the one that denied the Geisinger employees’ request for preliminary injunction. An interesting note, the judge who denied the request is a lifelong Republican. Also an important note, the judge has not intervened at all, to this point, with any events that have happened. The plaintiffs were requesting he force Geisinger to not be allowed to terminate their employment, and he said no, with rather harsh wording.

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Susan A Yucha

A Judicial System gone ROGUE!

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