Stop sign violation

At the end of 61 entering 901, the off ramp right there by Advance Auto Parts at the gas station at Ranshaw. Again, I’ve reported this several times in the past there are no cops watching that stop sign, and again, this has happened. We pull out of Ranshaw, nobody uses that stop sign and you almost get into a wreck. I’d like to see at least one cop monitoring that stop sign before somebody gets killed. We almost got into a fight with this last driver because nobody knows how to use that stop sign. Can the cops please do something about this instead of sitting around?

Double dipping

Yeah, so the mayor of Shamokin may have his wife on city council, therefore, always having a vote in his favor. That’s called double dipping. You crooks!


This is a response to the dope who criticized Mount Carmel councilwoman’s win in the primary election. First of all, dope, we are a borough, not a city. Second of all, dope, the councilwoman is running for re-election as she has served our borough very nobly over her first four years in office. She has dedicated her time in her fire company’s ladies auxiliary assisting in borough’s fire and EMS events. Finally, dope, the state doesn’t care who wins local municipality elections, as long as their election filings show no discrepancies. Go crawl back under the rock, dope!

Crowing hill

I lived on Academy Hill for 55 years yet have never heard a chicken crow. Try earplugs to sleep with. Maybe the sounds will go away.


At a solemn 9/11 ceremony in 2011, as bagpipers played and an honor guard respected our American flag, Michelle Obama turned to Barack and said, “All this for a damn flag.” And he nodded in agreement.

Multiple members

I agree with the caller that was entitled “Mayor’s wife.” The people need to think about this: Remember the last time that city hall had multiple members from the same family inside of it? People got arrested, people went to jail and our city is still financially recovering from it. Do the people really think this is a good idea?

230 twisters

One wonders if the thousands of people who lost their homes, cars, schools, hospitals and for some, their lives, in the 230 tornadoes that occurred in one week, are glad we withdrew from the climate accord?

You want obstruction?

Mueller’s report found no evidence of a criminal conspiracy to collude with anybody about anything, yet he didn’t have the backbone to stand up and say it. His refusal to take questions from the press and testify before congress shows Mueller’s afraid of possibly being indicted himself for prosecutorial misconduct during his witch hunt. He smeared Trump while not charging him like Comey smeared Hillary Clinton, but the difference is Clinton is guilty of everything Comey said and Trump is guilty of nothing. You want obstruction? How’s Barack Obama, Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch and the Clintons for Benghazi, Fast and Furious, failure to safeguard top secret information and the intentional destruction of 33,000 emails that were subpoenaed by congress, which would point directly at Obama and his White House?

Ice cream trail

The Pa. Department of Community and Economic Development created an ice cream trail for tourism. Now do you think they included any of the excellent ice cream dairies and shops in our region? Maurer’s Dairy, Leiby’s, Heisler’s, etc.? Nope. Do you think they spelled West Hazleton correctly on the website? Nope.

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You want obstruction? - You chugged the entire jug of Kool Aid...


So right Maxx. God bless that ignorant soul.

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