Cage the kids

The article by Rich Manieri about the media playing into Trump’s hands hit the nail on the head. Then there is Bomboy’s article. The so-called cages were built under Obama. Let’s talk about children being ripped from their mother. The Democrats are allowing the kids to be ripped from the womb of the mother. They wouldn’t even vote to save a child’s life that was born alive. It makes me sick to my stomach. If Mr. Bomboy isn’t the biggest hypocrite around, he is miles ahead of whoever is in second place.

Do not touch

Remember Trump’s campaign promise to never touch Medicare? That he would let it alone? But, as usual, that is a big fat lie. His new budget proposal is to cut Medicare by $845 billion. Fortunately, the House holds the purse strings and that will never happen.

Raising cane

I found a cane on a basket. The gentlemen pulled out and I pulled in and I took his basket in the store and I saw that there was a cane on it. Would you please let him know.


Hello, I am a reader of The News-Item and I am wondering why I have to read the Sunbury paper to read about the latest problems Zack is having at the Shamokin school?


All you radical Democrats, the only collusion is with the last administration. They should be checking them out. Why would you sell off uranium when you know what it is going to be used for?

No class

Shame on Southern Columbia for having their wrestling championship celebration during another student’s memorial service. Truly classless.

Auf Wiedersehen

I am calling in about the Sound Off and the person that called in “over and over,” well, that person is 100 percent right and maybe, Frog, you ought to put a lid on it, because that guy is right. How many times have I called in? And the only reason why I keep calling like I do is because you don’t put it in. I do it just to spite you. I am sure that guy is doing the same thing and many more. You just pick what you want to pick, Frog. And don’t give this any trouble whether he is for Trump or not. The thing is we all have our right of speech. You put everybody in. Don’t turn around and give this guy any kind of lip because I don’t think it is right saying that, hey, you know, that you put everything in. No, you don’t put everybody in. You pick who you want, Frog. You know what? He is right. I gave up on your paper and the only reason I am reading your paper is because I got it free. I go to have breakfast and I read the paper. I will not buy this lousy, scumbag paper. So now put that in your paper, Frog. OK? Bye. Have a good day.

Frog’s take: Man, I’m sure not going to miss your ramblings. Keep reading.

Brick by brick

All in all, it’s just another brick in the wall.

Down the tubes

Seductive socialism would send the country down the tubes in a decade or less. Look at Venezuela.

Regular Homer

Get ready for another bailout. This time around it is the nuke plants. America is no longer a capitalist country. We bailed out banks, cars, subsidized solar and wind and now we have to bail out the nuke plants. The only capitalists were the coal companies and the government killed them. We should just sit back with Bernie Sanders and watch the wheels come off the bus.

Pay the piper

Sorry, but I totally agree with the “over and over” caller. I’m not one who monopolizes Sound Off nor am I a nitpicker or a troublemaker. Very few of my calls reach your column. I personally think you are a biased animal hater. None of my calls are inflammatory. I treat everyone as I like to be treated. To give you an example, I called Sound Off a few weeks ago if they have seen new drug advertisement on TV, Trulentra, that dissolves arterial plaque and to please reply. If this drug is now on the market it could save many lives, not to mention cancel the need for invasive surgery. Not a joke. I am one of these people. But that is not important to you. Remember, we all pay the pier sooner or later.

Keep it hid

Well, typical Southern Columbia hiding yet another disaster. This is just a shame. That school has been hiding stuff for years and everyone knows it. I, personally, pulled my child out.

Press your luck

Frog, I am another conservative caller that makes about 20 calls to Sound Off and if I am real lucky, maybe you’ll put one in the paper. Frog’s take: Well, maybe you’ll have better luck after this week.

Precious and grace

Froggy, have you seen the new 3D or 4D ultrasound pictures of a newborn baby? Sunday at church I saw one. After seeing that picture I cried. How can anyone kill these beautiful, precious, little unborn babies?

Bailout burns

A nuclear plant bailout has nothing to do with the purpose of government. I cannot see any rationale for getting involved in socializing the losses when gains stay private. TARP did not bail out the people, it bailed out the banks. Is this what government is for? To take money at gunpoint and give it to the well-connected? Harrisburg sounds like a racket run by traitors.

Cheap trick

The minimum wage is zero — exactly what you get when you lose your employer to another state or your job to a robot. Pennsylvania’s taxes and regulations are part of what pushed our jobs south. I know this is not the feel-good solution people want to hear, but if you want better starting pay you need to make your labor market attractive to employers — not scare them away with vote-buying regulations. Joe’s take: You mean a minimum wage of $7.25 per hour isn’t attractive enough?

Gas crisis

I see there is a zoning hearing in Coal Township March 19 to approve a variance for a convenience store among other things. Convenience stores have gas pumps. Who in their right mind puts gasoline in a watershed? Did DEP approve? What happens to our water if the tanks leak? Anyone remember the incident in the early ‘80s with a five-gallon spill?

Stop the nonsense

Can we please stop with the anti-Trump quotes day in and day out? Between the fake polls that writers send in to the fake reports, we all can read and see the news. Quoting reports that are not true does not make it true. Stop the nonsense. Two and a half years of assaults. Face it, he is your president until he’s voted out of office. Give it a rest, we can all read and hear the news without a made up version in Sound Off.

Stuntman Don

Trump declares a national emergency and then goes golfing in Florida. That is a good indication of how important Trump’s stunt emergency must be. The real national emergency is having a president who is an unstable, incompetent, lying con man. A president who may also be compromised by the Russian government.

Good day to be alive

Once I heard my 3-year-old granddaughter say “I like white.” I wanted to make sure why she said that and realized it was about a crayon. She laughs at jokes, will share with her little sister and is glad to just be alive. So after reading Sound Off today — bad comedy, “my Sound Off’s don’t get in,” etc. — I went to the next page, and thought, I am glad also: I’m reading the obituaries, not in them.

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