Rotten at the top

As a cradle Catholic, I want to thank Greg Maresca for his excellent and enlightening article in Sunday’s newspaper. In my opinion, the hierarchy of the Catholic Church is about power and money, so God bless the good priests, and God help the victims of abuse and the laity.

Spirit of the season

Hi. ’Tis the season. Everybody get in the spirit. You have to go up when Coney Island has their tree with thousands of lights on and come down and see the beautiful playground in Tharptown that Jared does. The lighting of the Tharptown playground is this Sunday. So enjoy both things and a Merry Christmas to everybody, and happiness and health.

Early birds

To all the people who have had their Christmas trees and lights up for many weeks now, don’t be the ones taking them all down the day after Christmas. Remember, the 12 days of Christmas come after Christmas Day.

Thank a Trump

Despite Donald Trump’s lies, the midterm election was a complete repudiation of Trump and the Republican Party. The final national election results show that Democratic House congressional candidates received nine million more votes than Republican candidates. This is the greatest national vote plurality of any midterm since Watergate. The Democrats must thank Trump for their record victory.

Brake pads

President Trump’s promises and tax breaks to the rich and corporations didn’t influence GM. Wonder what else is in store? Of course, those of us on Social Security never get a break, even though we worked hard, as did GM workers.

Steal the crumbs

Pennsylvania lawmakers get an automatic raise each year and they have excellent perks while the working class gets crumbs. Our health care costs and drug prices are through the roof.

Horn of plenty

Most of us live with such plenty that starving to death from hunger is unimaginable. Due to the Saudi regime, 17 million people are at risk and 35,000 children have starved to death. The Saudis are bombing the water supply so cholera is killing 5,000 a day. Even after the dismemberment of an American resident, Trump chooses to support the Saudi government, which makes us all complicit to this devastating horror.

Ghost to most

I have had several floral arrangements stolen from St. Paul’s Cemetery in Gowen City. Whoever stole them, I hope your ancestors’ souls haunt you.

Short end

This is for the older SYBL girls: If you have to keep pulling on your shorts, that means they are too small. Parents and coaches, please have the girls on your team wear appropriate shorts to these games. This is basketball, not track. It was really embarrassing to watch.

In a nutshell

It’s too cold, too wet, too dry, not enough rain, too much rain, too much snow, gas prices are too high, mass killings in the streets, bar rooms, churches and synagogues and, according to the Democrats, there is one person responsible for all this: the president of the United States. Is he like a great god and in control of everything in the world? The Democrats have their own goddess who they obey completely, even making fools out of themselves. The goddess of the Democrats is Nancy Pelosi.

Because sports

There are a lot of complaints about Jim Zack being retained by the Shamokin Area School District for another six months. Where was all this outrage when they hired Henry Hynoski as a football coach and gave him an administrator’s job? Oh, I guess that is OK because it was for sports; but, you know what? It’s not OK.

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