What time?

Could you please tell what time the Shamokin Cemetery tour is today? Frog’s take: The tour begins at 5 p.m.

On the border

I’ve crossed 12 borders in the past 10 years and I’ve never once witnessed anyone screened for smallpox or anything else. You simply fill out a form claiming not to have had a fever in the past few days, and maybe a customs agent will glance at you. This lost magic of border screening is nothing more than the clamoring used to control the sheep through fear.

Old-time values

Is it mom and apple pie to amass a family fortune from gambling and casinos, cheat on your wives with prostitutes, call your opponents’ childish names, insist the Clintons attend your most recent wedding, and threaten to execute whistler-blowers? Perhaps Biblical-values voters are voting third party in order to “Make America Great Again.”

Air biscuit

It is ridiculous that they are blaming the president for the mass murder in Pittsburgh. The governor said he shouldn’t be there, he is just worried about votes. If the president would pass gas, the news media would be after him because he was polluting the air.

Don’t forget

Only in Shamokin does the former superintendent, state representative, commissioner and even the city mayor rally behind a man who brutally attacked someone with a weapon. Hope everybody remembers this at election time.

Couple of characters

I suppose McElwee’s character witnesses approve of what he has done. It doesn’t say much for their character now, does it?

Model citizen

If Ron McElwee was any other person he would be spending a couple of years in jail. If he was black it would be even worse. People make one mistake and they shoot somebody; it doesn’t matter what kind of model citizen they were. They went to jail. He belongs in jail.

Crooked politics

I am from Shamokin and I think it is unbelievable the slap on the wrist that they gave to Ron McElwee. He should have had a jail sentence. How can you take a Taser to beat somebody up and plan it? That is premeditated. This whole area is nothing but crooked politics.

Clean up

They are keeping it on the down low, but numerous Obama-era crimes are being reinvestigated now that they are cleaning up the Department of Justice, the FBI, etc.

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I can't wait to see some team RUN UP THE SCORE on Southern Columbia like they do to the teams they play ….. They should be ashamed of them selves !!!!!


Air biscuit, trumpanzee pollutes the air every time he opens his mouth and the lies start rolling out...

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