Dog dirt

This is for the people who live in Tharptown and walk their dogs. It would be nice if you would clean up after them. I am not happy about cleaning up somebody else’s dog dirt. I clean up after my own and so should you.

Seeing things

This message is for the code officer of Shamokin: You drive down the Fifth Ward all the time and don’t see any garbage behind the tracks? People don’t want to cut their grass or anything. Please do something.

Train keeps rolling

I really can’t understand how the Democrats and Kenn Splitt don’t jump on the bandwagon of success. This United States is going ahead and they are against it. You know how the old saying goes? You’ll be up the creek without a paddle.

If you listen to fools...

Mr. Splitt, you condemn President Trump for not being capable of creating unity after watching the tactics of the Democrats. The Democratic Party under the Obama administration initiated the disunity in this country. They continue to do so with their resistance movement and harass everyone that doesn’t agree with them. The Constitution guarantees the right to peaceful protest, not mob rule.

Filthy pig

To the filthy pig who allowed their dog to crap in front of the O.I.P. restaurant on the sidewalk, you should have your face rubbed in it.


I just got done reading Kenn Splitt’s article. Talk about a deranged, unstable old white male. Kenn, you should look in the mirror.

Unstable platform

This is the platform of the Democratic Party: Resistance, incivility and revenge.

Do your duty

On Sept. 30 I paid my quarterly taxes, which is the duty of every citizen. At the same time, the investigation of Trump’s finances reveals fraud and a lifetime of tax evasion. While he says he loves the military and law enforcement, their salaries, supplies and equipment come from taxpayer money. So, as usual, he is only paying lip service while the little guy foots the bill.


Melania Trump stated that a woman must have evidence if she is going to make allegations of sexual abuse. How about husband Donald confessing, on tape, that he can do anything he wants to women because he is famous, including grabbing their private parts? Is that enough evidence? The grabber-in-chief has 19 women that have accused him of sexual abuse. Does Melania think all these accusations are lies? #MeToo

Shedding light

In response to Wednesday’s editorial, “Shed more light on pension costs.” If you ask two local former police chiefs, John Brown and Ed Griffiths, you’ll get all the light you need about pensions. Ask them how they did it. Editor’s take: We get your point, and we have detailed how their pensions were calculated, how the state found the process illegal, and how the city has since changed that process.

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