Barry’s wingman

I am old enough to remember when Eric Holder said he was Barry’s wingman! Oh, and Holder/Stedman-Winfrey was held in contempt of Congress also. And Fast and Furious docs were sealed by Democrats. But liberals cry about Barr? What a joke liberals are!

Baghdad Sarah

Trump’s press secretary Sarah Sanders admitted under oath to the FBI that many of the statements she made defending the president in the Russian investigation were lies. Sanders is the “Baghdad Bob” of the Trump administration. She has absolutely no credibility in the eyes of the people or the press, just like the president she lies for.

Donny’s wingman

It’s amazing all the people on here crowing about AG Barr being in the pocket of our POTUS. Guess he is Trump’s wingman. Happy no collusion and obstruction forever!

No substitute

Raising minimum wage is not a substitute for real jobs.

Crime is a crime

The Mueller Report clearly indicates Trump’s attempted to obstruct justice on many occasions. Obstruction is a crime and an attempt to commit a crime is also a crime. Trump backers must not have read the report.

‘Half guilty’

The Mueller investigation could not recommend an indictment of Trump because it did not find sufficient probable cause to do so, and under our system of criminal law nobody is adjudicated “half guilty.” A person is either guilty or not guilty based on the evidence presented or lack thereof, period. And since when do polls replace the Constitution?

Twice the news

Only in a small town would naming the hellbender the state amphibian make front page news — not one day, but two days!

Thanks, News-Item

Thank you for putting the NFL football schedule in The News-Item. Thank you very much.

Let it go

I wake up this morning and the Mueller Report is still over.

Confidence booster needed

Why can’t the kids in the special needs classes get a section for honor roll? My sister, who is a little bit slower with Asperger syndrome, made honor roll last marking period and now distinguished honor roll with a 95% average. Why not give them a confidence booster and add them into the honor roll section? I think that’s just wrong and unfair. When she sees her friends talk about being in the paper for honor roll it made her so upset that her name wasn’t in the paper to have “hung on the fridge like Stevey used to when he made honor roll.” It’s completely unfair to them.

Wrong priorities

I never thought I’d see the day that the Democrats were distraught and in tears that the president did not collude with the Russians. It just goes to show they don’t care about America, they only care about power.

Slanderous caller

This is in response to a Sound Off call: Someone said Attorney General Barr acts like Trump’s personal attorney and not the nation’s top law enfrocement office. It makes me wondering if this person, simply because he’s hiding behind the anonymity of Sound Off, knows the definition of slander. You never said “In my opinion.” It’s slander, and if attorney Barr knew the caller’s name, I would advise him to sue you for slander. Editor: It’s important to remember what page Sound Off runs on. You can see it at the very top of this page in uppercase and bolded font.

Good job, St. Ed’s

As a previous complainer about St. Ed’s cemetery, I would like to congratulate them today. I went to the cemetery and I saw it was well taken care of. I appreciate that very much and I hope the work continues the rest of the summer.

Trash issues

Look at all those bags of trash laying around the city. We have a street department full time that didn’t see any of that? You know what? I wish those kids were old enough, I’d hire them for the street department. Thank God for the union.

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