Move on

The 275 days of investigating Trump are officially over. Move on.

A rose is a rose

This is to the young man who gave me a rose in Weis on Friday night. Thank you very much, you made my day. Hope to see you again.

Not a hero

I have this to say about John McCain. He was near last in his class in Annapolis. His father was a big admiral that got him to fly airplanes. He wrecked three or four of them before being captured. He put his arms up and surrendered instead of fighting. That doesn’t make a man a hero. A hero is somebody who jumps on a hand grenade to save his comrades, fights to the end; not somebody who puts their arms up and surrenders. He was never a hero, not a hero, and never will be a hero.

People in the paper

I think it’s funny that people put the names in the paper of people who have arrest warrants out. Well, the mother of one of the people on there is employed by our county in one of our systems, she’s one of the head people. And she can’t tell the people where her son is when she sees him every day? This happened before, a couple years ago, her daughter’s dad’s name was in the paper. People like that we don’t need working for the county. Step up to the plate and turn these people in.

Blue in the face

The Mueller report said there will be no more indictments, so I turned on MSNBC and CNN to see what they were saying. Instead of rejoicing, they looked like they’d lost their best friend. Their hatred for this president is so overwhelming that they can’t hide their bias. How sad is that? Ever since the election they were trying to take him down. Let’s see if they admit how wrong they were, but don’t hold your breath.

Trash can dispute

This is to the concerned citizen about the $500 trash can. This is a concrete trash can holder, not a $10 plastic one from Walmart. And for the record, Billy Milbrand, the one who was put in handcuffs, also bought two. I was there at the meeting. Thank you Vinny and Billy.

Peaceful president

In the horrid massacre in New Zealand, the grace, dignity and compassion shown by their president made me long for the same.

Good going, Frog

Hey Frog, since Sound Off started, I counted 1,864,754 lies that were called into Sound Off. And you fell for every one of them. Maybe you’ll fall for this one, too.

Elysburg recycling

Could the Elysburg recycling center please put a sign up or something when they’re no longer accepting certain items like paper or cardboard? It’s a disservice to people when the bins are closed and you bring items to recycle and you can’t. it would be courteous and professional if they could give some type of notice. Thank you.

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Not a hero - And President Bone Spurs did all those things...

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