Small-town, good old boys club

I see today in the paper that the Mount Carmel council hired a new code officer. It’s a shame that they overlooked the more qualified candidate with a decades-long history of making this town a safer place for the one that is drinking buddies with a few members of the council. Maybe the borough council should stop having meetings at Dorko’s and actually make decisions that would make this town a better place. These are the same people that have sat on that council seat for years with nothing ever being accomplished. The residents of Mount Carmel lost big time with this decision.

Space cadet

Billions of dollars to send a spacecraft thousands of miles to Mars to drill a hole in that planet while we neglect the billions of tons of garbage on this planet in our oceans. How incredibly stupid are we? Let’s fix up this planet before we go drilling into another one. Frog’s take: That is a short-sighted view. Why can’t we do both? NASA isn’t in the trash removal business. It’s in the fire-things-into-space-and-push-the-boundaries-of-the-human-race-forward business. We need that.

What’s going on

Now, this is really ridiculous. At the Fuel On in Danville, gas is $2.67, so again what is going on with the Mount Carmel, Shamokin and Elysburg areas?

Down the tubes

Fifty-years-plus of fireworks on that iconic mountain and Mother Nature reclaiming most of it with the trees, and now monetary greed will destroy all of it. Who issued the permits for this operation?

No fund me

I wonder how much each church will be asked to contribute to the abuse fund?

Decades down

So very sad that the fireworks will no longer be shot off the Cameron coal banks. For many of us, this has been a tradition for decades.


Thank you, Mr. Zack, for presenting that massive list of tasks still on your table. Totally amazing that list, where do you find the time? In a school district well know for nonsense and self-important windbags, you top the list. Plus, factor in making Mr. Venna look like Beetle Bailey. Please become a man and resign today, and take your six useless buddies with you.

Food for thought

It is interesting that a former member of the SASB is being prosecuted and persecuted for violations of the State Ethics Act for using his authority for “private pecuniary benefit of himself and/or business with which he was associated,” yet the LMSB president has benefited essentially, blatantly and flagrantly misused his authority for personal/business benefit with which he is associated on numerous occasions. Where are the criminal charges in that case? Why hasn’t he been charged with a criminal act? Why is it acceptable for one and unacceptable for another? Food for thought.

Mars within

Why are we so worried about sending a capsule up to Mars? Just go to the White House. We have a guy that acts like a Martian, talks like a Martian and with that hair of his, you better believe he looks like some kind of Martian.

Lynch mob

Today the NAACP reports that between 1882 and 1968 Mississippi had 581 lynchings, more than any other state. They forget to report one very important fact, that the Democratic Party completely controlled the state of Mississippi for those 86 years of lynchings.

Last resort

One of these days The Globe, The Post, the New York paper and Sound Off are going to run out of hatred and people to hate. And then what? God forbid you might have to resort to journalism. Frog’s take: Since when does Sound Off have anything to do with journalism?

Rock the vote

Maybe next time it is time to re-elect the Shamokin Area School Board, you better start thinking about who you are putting into office because they are all corrupt, they are all friends and they don’t do (anything) worthwhile. Watch who you vote for next time, because they are all corrupt.

Sleepin’ Bob

Bob Casey would be the perfect president. There is only Pennsylvanian that would be better and that would be Joe Biden. Anybody is better than dictator Trump.

Left leaves

I usually give kudos when kudos are due, but this is a 180 from that. Coal Township Street Department, it is almost December, when are you going to get around and pick up our leaves? I understand we had a snowfall, but still and all, you weren’t out one time to pick up leaves. We are drowning in leaves. Please.

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