Forgetful Trump

During an interview, Donald Trump couldn’t remember 36 things, but yet he says he’s got one of the greatest memories of all time. Well, if he’s losing his memory that bad, maybe it’s time for him to leave office.

Lost a watch

I walk in Elysburg and on Sunday morning I lost a watch with a black strap. It counts my steps and my miles and if anybody found it, please take it to the police station and I will pick it up there. Thank you.

Weis angel

To the lady at Weis who gave gift certificates out, she’s an angel and I’m sorry I didn’t get her name. Thank you so much.

An Easter blessing

Father Frank, walking into church on Easter was beautiful — it was like walking into a cathedral. Thank you Father, we are so blessed to have you. Thank you for making our Easter so special with the church and the music; it was so beautiful.

Three I’s

Trump proclaimed for days that the Mueller/Russian investigation report totally exonerated him. Now Trump is saying the report is total “bull.” Which is it, Commander Crazy? If the Mueller report is total bull, Mr. President, does that mean that the report does not exonerate you as you said earlier? Just one more statement showing that Trump is incompetent, incoherent and unstable.

Broke since 1835

The economy is growing at a rate of 2-3%. A basic knowledge of economics indicates the ratio between the national debt and the GDP-gross domestic product is too high and the government is operating at unsafe levels. The national debt isn’t being reduced and we are spending at unsustainable levels. Trump supporters refuse to acknowledge this fact and the economic problem this president created. Joe’s take: The national debt is a Trump-created problem? We have not been a debt-free country since Jan. 1, 1835, when Andrew Jackson paid off the national debt. There seems to be no will (or desire) in the federal government to get out of debt — no matter who the president is. Think about it.

Back in the USS(R)

Rudy Giuliani, the president’s close friend and advisor, stated, “There is nothing wrong with taking campaign information from the Russians.” That is not fake news, I watched Giuliani say this on a Sunday talk show. The (R) that is usually displayed next to the name of elected members of Comrade Trump and Guiliani’s political party no longer stands for Republican, it stands for Russian.

Religion of peace?

So Islam is the religion of peace? I’ll bet Sri Lankans don’t agree. Also, this bombing was done on Easter. God forbid if something happens during Ramadan. Wake up, people! Muslims are not in it for peace.

Sound Off sings

In response to the patriotic songs Sound Off and several sports teams refusing to play Kate Smith’s song, “God Bless America.” Kate Smith is as American as apple pie. Do these team members have rocks in their heads? I think so. Joe’s take: I didn’t know Sound Off played patriotic music, caller.

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