Thanks to Sound Off

Thank you for Sound Off in the newspaper. It really helps us locally. If I see something in the paper that is wrong, I am thinking “Is that me?” and then I try to be a better person. Please keep Sound Off in your newspaper. Thank you kindly.

As the palace burns

As California burns and the east coast awaits another devastating hurricane because the ocean temperature has risen to 88 degrees, today the president told the fossil fuel companies can release yet more methane into the environment. Assistant editor: Are you talking about ocean surface temps? And which ocean?


Yes, Obama is in the spotlight again, unlike other past presidents he continues to incite hatred for Trump, lies about his moral failure in Benghazi that costs lives and called it a Republican conspiracy. He accuses Republicans of using the DOJ and FBI for political reasons when it was under his watch that all the abuse of power in the justice system took place, and he takes credit for economic success. Who really is narcissistic and egotistical?

Doggone fun

Special thanks to the Knoebels family for opening their pool to the dogs. Their annual doggie dive fundraiser is as much fun for humans to watch as it is for the dogs to participate. We can’t wait until next year.

Flags of our fathers

Where were the veterans flags all summer long in downtown Mount Carmel? We were really disappointed when we saw that the veterans flags were not on display all summer long, especially through Memorial Day, Fourth of July and 9/11. We purchased the flags to be on display and not stored away in some box. Please do something to correct this problem so we can remember our fathers who fought for this country. Signed, an angry citizen.

Sick club

I see another Catholic bishop, Michael Bransfield from West Virginia, is accused of sexual abuse and another Catholic cardinal of covering it up. The Catholic priesthood is just a country club where most live the good life, achieve power and respect from their parishioners, a status that many would have never reached in the real world. Now we are finding out that this Catholic clergy country club had a secret pedophile playground in the basement.


Fifty percent of Americans approve of Robert Mueller’s handling of the Russian investigation. Only 30 percent approve of Trump’s conduct relating to that investigation. The Trump cult makes up that 30 percent who approve of Trump’s abhorrent attacks on anything Mueller, the FBI or Russia. Trump cult members would continue to support comrade stupid even if he moved his friend Vladimir Putin into the White House.

Size matters

For the ladies who wear spandex leggings, for the benefit of us who need to walk behind you, one size does not fit all.

Wasn’t me

Dear Frog, I was surprised by your negative comment about a fellow journalist. Woodward has written about every president and his work historically is well-documented by multiple sources. He has taped and documented all of his interviews. He is a Pulitzer Prize-winning author. I think you should reconsider your thoughts about him. Frog’s take: Check that comment again. I didn’t say that. It was my co-worker.


As a Kulpmont resident, I am appalled by the wasteful spending of the sewer authority. These people are put in place to watch the funds, not waste them. Let’s remember that four of the five people are ex-borough officials. Time to drain another swamp.

(1) comment


Me thinks the “ Assistant Editor” is a Trump loyalist.
“ Directing” the Sound Off comments in a particular political direction is inappropriate.
Also, denying facts, as Assistant Editor” did with the Sound Off column on Woodward’s Book, and seeking to misdirect on the comment above on Trumps actions in the face of obvious, deadly climate change should NOT be allowed.
Remove Assistant Editor from monitoring, commenting or otherwise editorializing until that party is trained and schooled on the FACTS, journalism and critical thinking.

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