Ties to Trump

The recent court filings in the Russian investigation show that a number of people with close professional and personal ties to Donald Trump had ties to the Russians and lied to Congress and the FBI about those Russian contacts to protect Trump. The filings also show that Trump committed a felony by directing payment of hush money to his girlfriends. There have been 36 people indicted thus far, Trump may be next.

Winter wishes

I would like to wish good luck to all the area boys and girls basketball teams and wrestling teams for the winter time.

In the right?

So Fetterman and Zalar are willing to negotiate for the good of the taxpayers, although they think they are right. After all this time, you should know if you are right or wrong. So, if you think the county taxpayers owe you $300,000 but you are willing to take $150,000 and then you want the county to donate the $150,000 to the mess you started several years ago on Arch Street. That is not a compromise, that’s a joke. I think we need a new financial monitor at the recycling center with two new names on it. And county Commissioner Best thinks this is a good idea? Wow.


I agree with the diocese’s decision to fire the unwed pregnant teacher. When she accepted the position, she knew she was under contract. Anywhere you work, if you are under contract and you don’t abide by the terms, you will be fired. This is not a Catholic thing. It is a no-brainer.

Good luck

I would like to wish the Northumberland County commissioners good luck on their meeting with the Coal Township commissioners pertaining to their fee adjustment. I hope they win that case and that way it will help me next year when I decide to build my new home in Coal Township that we have planned. That way I can petition and adjust my fee to 1 percent of the cost.

Passing judgment

It took four days for the diocese to pass judgment on that teacher, yet the abuse by their priests went on for decades. Seems like do as I say, not as I do.

Happy birthday

We celebrate Jesus’ birthday on Dec. 25, which a lot of people forget about because they are too excited about Santa Claus, but what I was wondering when do we celebrate the Lord’s birthday? He is our maker and we should celebrate and be thankful for Him who made the world for us to live in.

Just wondering

Just wondering what the permit fee was for the construction out on Arch Street for the rec center and wondering if all those people are volunteering laying the cement work and the back-hoeing.

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Happy birthday - We can't celebrate his/her/its birthday, Hallmark does not make a card saying Happy 4.5 billionth b-day...


No-brainer - I guess the catholic priests didn't have a contract that clearly stated do NOT sexually abuse children so that makes it OK...

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