How long?

Just how long is the city going to be in Act 47? It’s obvious that the police pension plan is a big part of this. Why can a police officer retire in 20 years and collect a pension when everyone else can’t get a penny until at least 62? We can’t keep that up. Retirement at 62 is the answer.

Perfect crime

Now we find that Trump’s son-in-law and senior adviser Jared Kushner advised the Saudi Arabian dictator how to escape blame for ordering the brutal murder of a journalist who was a U.S. national. This crime was so abhorrent that Republicans and Democrats In Congress are joining together to penalize the Saudis. This is just another example of the immorality that permeates the Trump family and the Trump administration.

Friendly reminder

A friendly reminder that it is illegal to throw your snow piles into the street. The next time I see someone doing this as I drive around town I will be taking video and making some phone calls.

Slow down

As a commuter to Geisinger, I would rather have someone drive slow on Route 54 between Elysburg and Riverside then drive like a goof. Do you not recall all the accidents that have occurred on that stretch over the last number of years? I witness daily people driving over the speed limit, passing multiple cars, almost causing accidents.

That old saw

When is Greg Maresca going to start writing about his Republican heroes? There are at least seven of them indicted and a few are already in jail, but he keeps talking about the Democrats and all the made up stuff said about them. It would be nice if he had the self-awareness to do that, but I don’t think he does.

Movin’ on up

I think it is time to move Southern Columbia to AAAA. Nobody can touch them in AA. If they don’t, these championships can go on forever.

In style

I have got news for the school board at Lourdes Regional. Morality isn’t like a hairstyle or clothing. It doesn’t go out of style and it doesn’t become outdated. Also, I think it was a tacky gesture on that teacher’s part to leave a copy of the Scarlet Letter on her desk. Frog’s take: Tacky? There couldn’t have been a more appropriate response.

Plain insane

A teacher being fired because she is unmarried and pregnant and has violated the terms of her contract is perhaps understandable, but a teacher being fired because she says she doesn’t believe in Santa Claus is just plain insane.

Better than you

I just wanted to comment about Lourdes Regional’s better-than-other-people attitude. My kids are out of there after the Christmas holidays. I know some other families are pulling theirs out. If that girl plays her cards right, she might be able to own the school. Good luck to her and good luck to her child.

A sham

If that Lourdes teacher was impregnated by a priest she would have been paid hush money and told to quietly resign or maybe she would have received a raise plus money for an abortion. That Catholic organization is a hypocritical, shameful sham.

Orange man bad

Yet another article by Robert Bomboy about Donald Trump. I swear to God when it comes to Trump this guy has OCD. I mean, dinner tables surrounding this guy must be a fun place to have a discussion.

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